The National:

GETTING door-stepped by a presenter from GB News may be most people’s idea of hell, but Greta Thunberg treated her experience like a walk in the park.

At the World Economic Forum in Davos, the 20-year-old climate campaigner spoke to Calvin Robinson – a GB News contributor who was reporting for Rebel News, a right-wing Canadian website, at the time.

As you would expect from someone who likes to drum up anger about the imagined concept of “climate change lockdowns”, the clergyman wasn’t interested in asking Thunberg about the consequences of the climate crisis.

Instead, he suggested that net-zero policy is the real problem.

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Thunberg – who recently provided Andrew Tate with a superb put-down – was completely unfazed by the line of questioning, leading to a real red-face moment for Robinson.

“Every time a western government implements a net-zero policy it’s common folk that are suffering,” he told the campaigner. “Especially cost-of-living crisis. Do you have anything to say on that?”

Thunberg acknowledged the struggle faced by people during the cost-of-living crisis, and told him: “Yeah it’s horrible that people are being affected by different things. Like for example, the climate crisis – people are being displaced and losing their lives. It’s horrible.”

Robinson replied: “But they can’t afford to eat or heat their homes – because of the net-zero policies.”

With a straight face, Thunberg told him: “Yeah, that’s definitely why we are experiencing the cost-of-living crisis.”

She then burst into laughter as the walking interview continued.

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Blaming net-zero policies for the current cost-of-living crisis clearly makes net-zero sense.

It’s our very reliance on oil and gas that is forcing people into poverty, and causing environmental havoc.

Using clean, green energy would not only be cheaper but help to tackle the climate crisis – what an incredible coincidence.

Or, perhaps, if the UK Government had taken quicker action to ensure homes were properly insulated, people wouldn’t be spending ever-more on energy bills for barely warm homes. Just a thought.

It’s great to see Thunberg brush off these kinds of arguments rather than fall into the right-wing media's traps as so many climate campaigners seem to do – more of this, please.