THE SNP propose only two options for consideration at the Special Democracy Conference. REALLY! What on earth is going on? It’s totally unacceptable to an already very frustrated Yes movement. They are proposing to wait for no good reason, to use the same failed tactics over which process –if any – has legitimacy. We have all put our faith and votes to the SNP as we do accept that they are our vehicle on our journey to independence.

The Supreme Court gave a judgment that most people expected, not to allow Scotland to hold a referendum on independence, and also answered a question it was not even asked, and took it upon itself to claim sovereignty over Scotland!

Now I am certainly no lawyer or constitutional expert by any means, but I do read The National, and thank goodness we have its columns, as they have provided us of the Yes movement with many very educated and expert constitutional suggestions and various routes to be considered to address the Supreme Court judgment.

I fully put faith in our SNP to also have expert constitutional experts advising them who would have thought through all the various outcomes that the Supreme Court judgment could come out with and been ready to respond immediately, ie the next day, to make most use of the headlines and media frenzy which was to be expected.

But nothing? Instead a statement that an urgent Special Democracy Conference was to be held in March to discuss what to do next, after about the most outrageous statement that England are claiming sovereignty over Scotland!

From reading The National, we have come to understand about mandates and how they can work if acted upon. The SNP already have our mandate. They have also had previous mandates and made the “political” decision not to act on them at the time. Now they are not going to use the mandate to give us our referendum in October this year?

We have also read in The National about how easy it is with a majority vote in the Holyrood parliament to change the relevant terms of the Scotland Act to remove such things as the electorate mandate that allows Westminster to be sovereign over Scotland? The mandate is already there to do it.

The NEC said “it will invite amendments or separate motions for consideration to enable the fullest possible debate”. I and many others really hope they do this as they are going to need all the help of our constitutional experts and politicians at Westminster to find a way to get us out of this Treaty.

I’m a concerned member of the Yes movement with no professional training in either constitutional or politics matters, a lot like a lot of MSP and MPs. I’m getting plenty of help and advice reading The National – thank goodness we have it.

Michael Maclennan


A DEFINITION of madness is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. The only reason a Section 30 order was granted for the only referendum to have been held on independence was because Westminster believed they would win handily.

The likelihood of a Section 30 order being granted again is close to zero because both Labour and Conservative leaders exist to obtain power and they will not voluntarily surrender it. The only chain of events that I can see resulting in this happening is if the SNP holds the balance of power and Labour are desperate for power.

But I wouldn’t hold my breath – Westminster politicians are long on words, short on morals and totally untrustworthy.

The upcoming SNP membership debate about whether to use a Holyrood or Westminster election as a de facto referendum is meaningless if there is no willingness to act on the will of the people, despite the UK Government’s desires.

The Declaration of Arbroath laid down the principle that the people of Scotland are sovereign – not a king, not a foreign parliament.

Unless the SNP accept and act upon this principle regardless of consequence, there will be no Scottish independence.

Time to “do or die”.

David Cairns


I AM incensed. In his Labour Party political broadcast, once again, Keir Starmer talks about “democracy”, yet he denies we Scots our fundamental right to decide our own democratic future.

Once again Starmer denies the very existence of Scotland as a nation with an ancient historic Claim of Right. To him we’re just the North Britain part of a “country” – supposedly a “partnership” – that doesn’t really exist, except in the minds of the control freaks in Westminster dominating the colony of Scotland.

Once again, only the British party’s political perspective is offered, proof that Scottish Labour are little more than a branch office that has no desire, understanding or capability to reflect or serve the interests of Scotland, far less deservethe its electoral supportto control it.

This broadcast left me with abject loathing for Starmer, his party and the sycophants from Scotland who place his and his party’s interests before the needs of Scotland and Scots. I’d say they’d just shot themselves in their foot, except they’ve done this so many times before they’ve no feet left to shoot.

Jim Taylor


I WAS distressed to read of the financial problems for the Waverley paddle steamer I had a very enjoyable excursion on the ship this summer.. This vessel us not only an icon for the Clyde, she is a Scottish icon and we must do our best to see she comes to no harm, the ship is unique.

Perhaps as a former ship master, I have an axe to grind –I one time I commanded the last coal-fired steam ship on the Scottish coast, excluding puffers!

I admit to having a thing for steam. I will certainly be putting my hand in my pocket for this delightful vessel.

Captain R Mill Irving

East Lothian