AS 2023 begins, it’s clear that many of our politicians could do with some heavenly help to overcome the doom and gloom. So what does the year hold according to their star signs? Here, the Sunday National takes an irreverent look at astrological predictions for some of our prominent leaders.


Star sign: Cancer

IT’S fair to say the Daily Mail is no fan of the First Minister of Scotland, but the paper’s 2023 horoscopes show a bright outlook for those born under the sign of the crab – although it may strike terror into the hearts of die-hard Unionists.

“There may have been some restrictive factor that has been a source of concern, however, now your mind is in the process of pinpointing a solution,” predicts the paper’s astrologer. Perhaps a way of securing Scottish independence?

The website AstroSage takes a similar line, predicting: “There won’t be any obstacles in the way of the work and your blocked goals will start to materialise as well.”

Independence supporters should perhaps look to August and September when Cancerians like Sturgeon will become even “more determined, taking on obstacles with courage and gaining bravery and strength”.


Star sign: Aries

LIFE is also looking brighter for the beleaguered Health Minister who is facing calls to resign from opposition politicians in Scotland – despite the fact no similar calls are being made for his counterparts in other parts of the UK who are presiding over the NHS crisis, caused by Brexit, the pandemic and, crucially, years of underfunding by Westminster.

The website Yearly Horoscope cheerily tells him to wave goodbye to those “pesky health issues” as he will be able to tackle the “root causes”.

The prediction continues: “No journey to the top is easy and at the beginning of [the] year you might feel some pressure at work. Don’t worry – soon enough you will have the authority to do things your way and make your mark on the industry.”

It adds that an “influx of money” will help Arians make “intelligent financial decisions”.


Star sign: Taurus

TAUREANS, which include the Prime Minister, like a bit of luxury but will suffer some mental tension at the start of the year, according to AstroSage. This will have an impact on their capacity for making decisions. AstroSage warns that the mental stress may be increased early in 2023 when “some of your secrets may be revealed which would shock you”. What, more family tax avoidance?

Sunak may not last long as Prime Minister according to the website, which predicts: “There may be possibilities for your relocation, particularly in the second quarter of the year, and it’s likely that you may need to move from your current residence.”

This is confirmed by astrologer Ganesha, who says: “During the third phase of March, there may be a sudden change in job status or success. It is possible that those who are seeking foreign employment opportunities may have them during this year thanks to the blessings of the Sun and Mercury.”


Star sign: Aquarius

IT looks like the leader of the Tory branch office in Scotland may be struggling to hold on to his job, if the horoscopes are to be believed!

AstroSage warns: “Aquarius people will need to exercise extreme caution in their careers as some circumstances will arise that you could not have anticipated earlier. Your co-workers could enjoy bothering you at work and plots may also be planned against you.

“Because of this, you could encounter situations at work that are really difficult. You can attempt to change jobs between March and April.”

A solution for Ross comes from the Cosmopolitan magazine horoscope, which advises: “You might well want to strike out on your own in 2023, taking self-employment as an option. This can work if you’re ready to boss yourself properly!”

Or maybe Sunak will suggest they go into business together, as according to this horoscope: “Taureans are important for you”.


Star sign: Pisces

A JOB loss may also be on the cards for the leader of Labour’s branch office in Scotland, according to Astrosage.

That’s confirmed by astrologer Ganesha who warns that Pisceans need to be particularly careful between May and July as “there may be a situation of job loss or job change”.

“Pisces 2023 might need to

accept new challenges as Saturn does not seem to allow the natives to get the desired success so easily,” states Ganesha.

The horoscope cautions that a “careless approach and self-indulgence are more likely to cause some disruptions” and Pisceans need to see the difference between “dreams and reality”. So no First Minister post for Sarwar, then.


Star sign: Virgo

FOR the Labour leader, “things are okay but not great”, according to Cosmopolitan horoscopes for the year. He has to start thinking about other options and opportunities, as this “state of meh” should not continue.

“There is some ambivalence here right now,” it states, before advising: “Come April, you will have made up your mind about your career progression.”

Meanwhile, the Daily Mail horoscope predicts that the lunar eclipse on May 6 in the sign of Virgo will be “impactful” and will urge him to become “more authentic”. Even for astrology, that’s a rather unrealistic prospect.

Optimistically, it continues: “Your appearance or identity might change or you develop a more ‘magnetic’ aura.”


Star sign: Libra

FOR Librans like the Scottish Greens co-leader, 2023 will be full of opportunities according to Astrotalk. Encouragingly it says: “You are doing great already. And, here, the New Year 2023 says that the time will be great for you. Optimism, luck, and opportunities will be around you. So, natives with the Libra zodiac sign must not lose hope and keep up with what they are best at – being charming and intellectual.”

It won’t always be easy for Slater but “even though Saturn will test you on every step from the beginning, you will have a favourable year in terms of profession, education, and business”.

Café astrology appears to back this prediction up, saying: “Good publicity may come your way. If your career has you working with or before the public, you can safely expect increased popularity now.”


Star sign: Leo

BORN on July 22, Cole-Hamilton is actually on the cusp of Leo and Cancer but the Ganesha horoscope for Leo seems appropriate for the Scottish LibDem leader. It advises him to “avoid digging into your past mistakes”.

However, this might not do any good as astrologer Chirag Bejan Daruwalla gloomily predicts: “This year will be full of confusion regarding work.”

The astrologer adds: “The people of the Leo zodiac are very fond of royal style due to which these people do not lag behind in showing off.”

No comment.

However, if Cole-Hamilton feels he needs a break from work and all his confusion, then Daruwalla recommends Italy as the ideal destination – as the country will suit “Leo’s love of luxury and finer things in life”. Maybe he can find a garden shed to rent out?