WE’RE still processing 2022 – and we might be some time.

But to help out getting over the madness of the mini-Budget, that time the entire UK Government resigned, partygate, the Supreme Court indyref2 case, strikes, financial chaos and … Kanye West, we’ve put together a list of our most-watched TikToks.

It remains unclear how this is going to help you get over the chaos that was 2022 – but hopefully some of these will make you smile – or just glad we made it through.

Council results round-up - 57.2k views

@scotnational The highlights from Scotland's council election results 🗳️ #scotland #scottish #scotlandtiktok #council #foryou #foryoupage ♬ Lofi - Domknowz

Our round-up of the Scottish council election results was our 10th most-watched video this year. The SNP retained their status as Scotland’s biggest party, winning 453 seats across the country.

The party’s Rozah Salih made history as Scotland’s first ever refugee councillor after being elected in Glasgow.  

Stephen Flynn asks if Boris Johnson doesn’t understand the Covid rules - 60.5k views 

@scotnational SNP MP mocks Boris Johnson's rule breaking during PMQs #toriesout #indyref2 #westminster #snp #borisjohnson #ukpolitics #foryou ♬ original sound - The National

An understated yet devastating comment from Stephen Flynn before he became the SNP’s Westminster leader. He asked then-prime minister Boris Johnson whether he was scrapping Covid rules because he did not understand them.

At the time details about the partygate scandal, which would for many define Johnson’s reign, were beginning to emerge.

Nicola Sturgeon addresses Yes rally at Scottish Parliament following Supreme Court defeat - 66.4k views 

@scotnational Nicola Sturgeon's full speech from the Edinburgh independence rally after the Supreme Court verdict #NicolaSturgeon #indyref2 #snp ♬ original sound - The National

Nicola Sturgeon addressed a Yes rally for the first time since 2019 following the Scottish Government’s defeat in the Supreme Court on holding indyred2 without Westminster’s permission.

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The First Minister was defiant and said that the Yes movement was now “Scotland’s democracy movement”, while predicting the verdict would make it harder for Unionists to make their case.

Nicola Sturgeon’s savage takedown of Douglas Ross’s litany of U-turns - 88k views 

@scotnational Must watch - Nicola Sturgeon gets stuck into Scottish Tory leader Douglas Ross's MANY failures in this savage speech ... #indyref2 #toriesout ♬ original sound - The National

“I’m not sure we should put much store at all on anything Douglas Ross has to say,” said Nicola Sturgeon as she gave a round-up of the humiliating list of U-turns Douglas Ross had made in the months to October last year – including demanding the Scottish Government to copy the disastrous mini-budget.

Protesters in Edinburgh boo announcement of King Charles - 120.4k views 

@scotnational Protesters in Edinburgh BOO as Charles is announced the new King #edinburgh #queenelizabeth #kingcharles #monarchy #republic ♬ original sound - The National

Republican disruptors managed to drown out monarchists with boos as Charles was officially pronounced King in Edinburgh following the death of Queen Elizabeth.  

Nicola Sturgeon tears into Douglas Ross over double standards - 157.3k views 

@scotnational Nicola Sturgeon TEARS into Douglas Ross over double standards #toriesout #indyref2 #nicolasturgeon #scotland #scottish #foryou ♬ original sound - The National

Another takedown for the Scottish Tory leader in the top 10. Nicola Sturgeon said it was “entirely inconsistent” for Douglas Ross to criticise the Scottish Government’s delays in opposing its “cautious” measures while calling for caution in response to Covid.

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Edinburgh bin strike sees rubbish pile up in streets - 276.5k views 

@scotnational Disgusting scenes in Edinburgh as the bin workers' strike enters its fifth day. #labour #edinburgh #edinburghstreets #binstrike #edinburghfestival ♬ original sound - The National

Bin workers went on strike in Edinburgh in August, in a battle with council bosses over pay and conditions, leaving the city in a disgusting mess as crowds from around the world came to the city for the Festival.

Rent freeze announcement - 300.9k views 

@scotnational HUGE news as Nicola Sturgeon announces a rent freeze for tenants in Scotland. What do you think of this policy? #indyref2 #toriesout #snp ♬ original sound - The National

Viewers loved this clip of the First Minister announcing a temporary rent freeze for tenants in Scotland in response to the cost-of-living crisis over the winter.

Nicola Sturgeon sums up economic chaos in the wake of the mini-Budget - 316.2k views 

@scotnational Nicola Sturgeon explains why current Tory-led economic mess is possibly worse than 2008 crash 😬 #snp #toriesout #indyref2 ♬ original sound - The National

This video was our second most-watched TikTok of the year and saw the First Minister tell a Holyrood committee the UK was in a financial crisis to rival the 2008 crash – laying the blame squarely at the feet of the Conservative government in Westminster.  

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Gavin McInnes calls Scotland the most woke country in the world - 518.9k views 

@scotnational Far-right Proud Boys founder Gavin McInnes ranting about how 'woke' Scotland is to Kanye West. Feels good. Cry more. #indyref2 #fyp #snp #scotland ♬ original sound - The National

By far and away our most watched video on TikTok this year. Vice founder and now far-right poster boy Gavin McInnes tells a masked Kanye West that Scotland (the country both his parents were from) is now the most woke country on Earth because of its “woke DAs” (district attorneys – which Scotland, like McInnes’s native Canada, does not have) and open-borders immigration policy. No, us neither…