AS we all await another dose of Tory austerity in Thursday’s statement from Chancellor Hunt, it makes my blood boil to read in Tuesday’s National what Ruth Davidson (Baroness) gets for attending the House of Lords on just 34 days. She and all the rest of the gang are on a nice gravy train.

She claims more than £15k, including £5303 for rail travel, £402 for car expenses plus £11 for a taxi. It appears Davidson and her ilk just can’t fleece the taxpayers enough. Earning what she gets and she has the bloody cheek to claim for an £11 taxi journey. Take ordinary working people who have to travel on public transport every day to get to their places of work – are they not entitled to travel expenses too?

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This “them and us” society has to change, starting with the abolition of the House of Lords – get rid of the capitalism of the Tories. All this shit whilst ordinary folks strive to survive. Pensioners shouldn’t have to beg for Pension Credit whilst Davidson thrives off of ordinary taxpayers.

Independence is THE ONLY WAY TO ESCAPE this unfair, corrupt, greedy self-serving Westminster governance!

Anne Smart
Milton of Campsie