I LISTENED to Sir Keir Starmer’s latest shameless contribution to the Scottish constitutional issue during his interview with the BBC’s Martin Geissler and I must say this man doesn’t fail to astound me when he opens his mouth regarding issues like this one, coupled with his endorsement of Brexit.

The reason why he is doing this is clearly to embrace a right-wing philosophy to gain the votes he wants from the likes of Rufus from Tunbridge Wells and all those “gammon voters” who have played a huge part down south in voting for a political party that has destroyed the future economic prospects and social fabric of this country. Starmer doesn’t want to tackle the elephant in the room that is Brexit, only commenting that he will "make it work”. No solutions provided by this chancer BTW!

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As for the constitutional question, the Labour leader more or less professed that the Scottish people will not be allowed to have a referendum even if the UK Supreme Court calls it acceptable to do it. That is an outrageously undemocratic stance to take against the people of Scotland who gave their current government a mandate to do it by voting accordingly and decisively for said Scottish Government! Indeed, I classify that as extreme political diktat that is highly questionable in this day and age!

Compare this stance with, say, the membership of a trade union and the right to vote to improve their terms and conditions etc. I see very little difference between trade union rights and the sovereign rights of the Scottish people to vote for the better good and positive future prospects of their country, Bella Caledonia, in their quest for self-determination.

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The hypocrisy from Starmer and other senior officials of the Labour party is absolutely clear. What is also clear is that the Labour leader is totally out of touch with the political situation in Scotland and has been for quite a while. Bogusly preaching that Anas Sarwar and the Scottish Labour party is experiencing some kind of political renaissance in Scotland is really taking the mick and is downright dishonest in the extreme. It just shows up the blatant disrespect/disregard that Starmer and his ilk actually have for the Scottish people and the Scottish Government they elected. We are regarded as nothing more than second-class citizens by these Scotindy antagonists. I have no doubt they will eventually pay for that at the polling booths AGAIN and it will be well deserved!

Bernie Japs

I DO not think I am alone in being disgusted listening to the evasive and patronising tones coming from Sir Keir Starmer on The Sunday Show.

What I heard was that democracy is dead, priorities take precedence and only Labour’s priorities are the right ones – the people may speak but if we don’t like it, it will not be a priority. This is another way of saying the Tory mantra of “this is not the time”. 

Many of us think right now this is exactly the time to get out of this Union, with the governments we don’t vote for that do not speak for us.

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Starmer gets to being as near racist as you can get while legally shielding yourself, instead stating that the NHS is recruiting too many people from overseas. Well, many of us are delighted to be treated by NHS staff from all over the world and are very grateful for them. He talks about one in seven in Scotland on waiting lists; funny he does not mention Labour Wales where it is one in five.

When Labour talk of “priorities” instead of a referendum, what they are saying is that half of Scotland may want a referendum but we do not and therefore you won’t get one.

“Labour plans run through Scotland” – with just one MP it is not going very far, and to say they cannot win without Scotland is just plain rubbish. Even if they had won all 59 seats in Scotland they would not have won the last election – they could not have overturned the Conservative majority – so just more lies from Starmer and more Labour spin.

Vote Labour and get the Tories, just like in many of the councils across Scotland where Labour are holding up the Tories at every turn.

Winifred McCartney

DOES not work here, Mr Starmer,
we Scots can sense an outright charmer,
the car-crash interview you gave,
outed you as a Red Tory knave.

Your replies just made a mockery,
and erased your belief in democracy;
if this is a voluntary union, Keir,
then why deny our wish up here!

You have lost old Scotia, never again,
shall you fool us and our trust regain;
your smarmy ways, and boring trait,
shall never work on this electorate.

We shall be independent, Keir,
and no doubt you may shed a tear;
a tear for a cash cow that you thought,
with snake-oil charm could be bought.

George Robertson

FIREWORKS are lovely; they bring excitement and beauty into our lives: think Sydney Harbour Bridge, Edinburgh Castle and so on. But the “Guy Fawkes” nonsense has nothing to do with Scotland.

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James the VI and I may have been Scottish but the crazy “gunpowder plot” was a reaction to anti-Catholic persecution in England. “Bonfire Night” is a sanitised celebration of the sectarian violence which followed the discovery of the plot (in a south of England town they may still put an effigy of the Pope on their bonfire).

Controlled, responsibly organised fireworks displays are fine, and I look forward to an absolute “cracker” on Independence Day.

David Roche