The National:

SCOTLAND Secretary Alister Jack, whatever one may feel about his politics, has ever been the gatekeeper of Westminster's stuffy sense of propriety – until now.

The fervent Unionist was taking aim at the economic case for independence when he brought self-described “unparliamentary language” into the auspicious halls of Westminster by quoting the criticisms of a “prominent nationalist”.

Perhaps letting his Scottishness get the better of him, he uttered the phrase “utter pish”.

He said: “One prominent nationalist, and I apologise in advance for the unparliamentary language, but I quote, referred to the recent economy paper as ‘utter pish’.”

Well, at least he apologised.

Jack was referring to indy campaigner Robin McAlpine’s critique of the Scottish Government’s paper that set out the economic case for independence, which was far from complimentary.

Whether or not you agree with McAlpine and Jack’s assessment of the paper, I think we can all agree that the delivery seemed out of place considering the Scotland Secretary’s typically demure disposition.

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While Jack’s language may have seemed out of place, the man himself has managed to keep his in government with a remarkable aptitude for survival.

While Andrew Bowie’s well-documented affections for the new Prime Minister bordered on a boyish crush, the Scotland Secretary has managed to see off suitors to his role in the Scotland Office.

For that to continue though, he may have to mind his manners a little more closely.