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IMAGINE it: you’re Jacob Rees-Mogg and you’ve just resigned because your new boss will probably sack you anyway.

Before you grab your top hat and gently stroll out the door, you’ll need to write your resignation letter.

So you grab your finest quill and ink and begin to jot down your reasons for going.

But before you do you are so overwhelmed with patriotism after imagining a giant Boris Johnson in a Union flag suit pushing Great Britain further away from the European mainland.

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In a daze, you realise you've scribbled all over what was supposed to be your resignation letter. 

Still, in the hangover of Downing Street's party culture, surely no one will bat an eye.

That’s maybe the only explanation for what is apparently Rees Mogg’s resignation letter.

It had been revealed that the Tory MP had quit as minister for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy shortly after Rishi Sunak was confirmed as the new Prime Minister.

His resignation letter was then released, much to the confusion of the general public.

Putting a doctor’s prescription to shame about the only thing The Jouker can make out is “Dear Prime Minister”, “the King” and “Conservative Party” – oh and the fact that he's pompously dated it "St Crispin's Day" ...

The National: Jacob Rees-Mogg didn't get Britain moving, but he did move himself - straight out of the CabinetJacob Rees-Mogg didn't get Britain moving, but he did move himself - straight out of the Cabinet (Image: PA)

The shocking state of his handwriting is perhaps surprising considering he’s the same man who, upon becoming leader of the House of Commons, sent out a strict list of language rules for his staff.

Among the words and phrases considered unacceptable by the Victorian era’s favourite politician were “very”, “ongoing”, “I am pleased to learn”, “lot” and “got”.

The word “equal” was also banned but The Jouker will let you wonder why that’s the case.

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Of course, the North East Somerset MP could have used a computer to type his resignation letter up - if only he had one on his desk.

But like much of the Tory party, Rees-Mogg hasn't quite moved into the 21st century.

But who knows, maybe it's my eyes. I'll leave it up to you to read the letter below.

If you ever find out what was written please let The Jouker know!

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