SOME day in a few years’ time, if anywhere in the UK is still getting electricity, there will be an episode of Mastermind in which one of the contestants will declare that their specialist subject is "British politics on October 19, 2022” – the day before Liz Truss resigned as prime minister.

There was so much that was bizarre that it's difficult to know where to start. However, perhaps the most bizarre of all was that in the midst of this Tory meltdown, BBC Scotland still managed to find two Tory youth activists to interview – because the opinions of immature Tories are what is really important here.  One of them thought that Truss could pull things around. Aw, bless, petal.

To summarise yesterday's events, the Home Secretary resigned ostensibly because of a breach of the ministerial code regarding sending official information from a personal email account. Given that this is a woman who happily trashes international law and as Attorney General told government lawyers not to tell ministers if their policies broke the law, it seems implausible that she'd suddenly find a moral compass that led her to resign over what she claimed was a technical breach of regulations. So it's not just Chancellor Monthly that's the new Tory Magazine but also Home Secretary Monthly and now Prime Minister Monthly too.

Braverman then sent Truss a resignation letter dripping with passive-aggressive contempt. It has led many to speculate that the real reason for Braverman going was so that she could position herself for a leadership bid once the PM had been forced out of Downing Street.

This was then followed by a vote on fracking best characterised by the guid auld Scots word pandomie, defined by the Dictionary of the Scots language as "an uproar, chaos, all hell let loose”. The vote had been billed as a de facto vote of confidence in Truss as Tory whips desperately tried to save the government from collapse.

Then at the last minute, the Climate Change Minister Graham Stuart – no, I'd never heard of him either – was told by No 10 to announce the three-line whip on the fracking vote was suspended. However, nobody thought to tell the chief whip Wendy Morton, who quit on the spot.

Truss was barracked by her own MPs in the voting lobby and ended up not voting, in a vote which may or may not have been a vote of confidence in her own government, because she was too busy having a screaming match with her shortly to be ex-chief whip. Then deputy chief whip Craig Whittaker also said that he had gone, reportedly saying he was “absolutely f*cking furious.

Labour MP Chris Bryant named Therese Coffey and Jacob Rees-Mogg as cabinet ministers he had seen physically manhandle reluctant MPs into the No lobby. Bryant told the Speaker he had photographic evidence and now an official Commons investigation has begun. 

Of all the things to happen in 2022, seeing Jacob Rees-Mogg accused of taking part in a pub brawl that wouldn't look out of place on Corrie wasn't on anyone's predictions list.

Then a couple of hours later the government announced that the whips hadn't resigned after all and that it was indeed a vote of confidence in the government – a vote which the then prime minister did not vote in.

SNP MP Angus MacNeil tweeted: "Tory MPs telling me they are switching off their phones in case the Prime Minister calls and offers them a promotion." We are so far down the rabbit hole now that it's genuinely impossible to tell whether Angus was joking or not.

So to summarise, because a bunch of unelected right-wing zealots backed by a free-market fundamentalist “think tank” which won't reveal full details on who funds it trashed the economy, we’re back to austerity and all its miseries.

Today, in the latest episode of the Tories, Liz Truss resigned. We do not yet know who will be in the running to replace her – but Boris Johnson is said to be eyeing up a bid for the leadership.

The only certainty left is that the Scottish media will still be banging on about ferries and Douglas Ross will still hypocritically be trying to claim the moral high ground. No matter who the Tories choose as their next leader, Ross will be telling us they have his full confidence and they are the ideal person for the job.

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