WATCHED last week’s episode of Question Time from Scotland, where Fiona Bruce assured us the majority of the audience were Yes supporters. This was quite obviously a lie and it’s a pity she didn’t back this up with a show of hands that would have disproved this absolute untruth.

I can only agree with Richard Walker that Westminster will always find an excuse or another crisis forever and a day of its own creation which justifies in their heads why now is not the time nor will it ever be!

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They just can’t see that it’s because of the never-ending crises they keep creating that the Yes vote for independence is strengthened.

Why don’t we just shut down the once-in-a-generation myth (lie!) and re-iterate that their heroine Thatcher stated that a majority of SNP MPs was enough to trigger a vote?

We should also articulate repeatedly that it can’t be a nation of four equals if Northern Ireland are entitled to a referendum every seven years but not the rest of the Union!

Steve Cunnningham