WELL, having seen the “Liz Truss” show, I am not sure if, I am living in a parallel universe, I am a character in George Orwell’s 1984 or reading part of the fairy tale The Emperor’s New Clothes.

The “ bubble” that was the Tory conference was surreal. It was not based on reality. It was like a Charles Dickens novel of the haves and have-nots – the “poor”, cold and hungry from the harsh reality of living in a broken, bankrupt, rudderless United Kingdom and in total despair wondering what a harsh winter is going to bring for themselves, their children and grandchildren.

As we peered into the warm, well-heeled, condescending, supercilious gathering, we saw in the “hall” our political masters deciding our futures.

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This gathering of “well-kent faces “ have once again gone through the revolving door and now occupy their new positions. Many have been banished to the outer reaches and are no longer part of Truss’s inner circle. After 10 years in power the Tories once again find their true roots as the “nasty party” ready to introduce Trussonomics.

This re-invention suggests a new party has emerged with “ growth, growth, growth” as its raison d’etre, taking no responsibility for the Cameron, May, Johnson debacle of austerity and their disastrous economic policies of the last 10 years.

Their new “Tory economics” is vague in the extreme. What is their definition of growth? What does it mean? Who is it going to benefit?

Much more sinister are Truss’s quasi-Thatcherite leanings towards “there is no such thing as society” and “the market will decide all”. Worse still, Truss has already stated that she has no interest in “the distribution of wealth”.

Attacks on trade unions on the unemployed, those on benefits, on the “separatists”, on migrants and the EU give an insight on what is coming. As I have stated before, this is the most right-wing government this country has ever seen. Aided by Starmer’s “red Tory” Labour Party, the future is bleak indeed!

As Liz Truss stumbled through her speech, identifying and pointing to the individuals of her new Cabinet and lauding what the are about to do, I must admit I was in despair! Here was the vanguard ready to do her bidding, then it came to me: there is a way out for the Scottish people –independence!

As the SNP conference beckons, here we will see a real alternative, a country unshackled, a caring country, a wealthy nation rich in physical and human resources and most of all, free to create a social democracy, free to care for our people and free to take our place in an EU that wants us and a world that increasingly sees our democratic plight, stuck in this broken Britain .

Dan Wood


Ms Truss and her Chancellor do not deserve to lead the UK Government. They have shown naivety, arrogance, lack of political nous and lack of diplomacy ending in a massive U-Turn in their first month in office.

If they had focused only on the cost-of-living issues only they might have gained brownie points. Flaunting their neo-liberal idealism at this early stage has damaged the whole mechanism supporting the economy of the UK. Independence for Scotland is long overdue. Let’s go for it!

Mike Underwood


There are many who would condemn the House Of Commons, but it is unique. It’s the only place in the world where you can hear the braying of donkeys from a flock of sheep.

William Marshall


I have little doubt that it would be impossible to have everyone in the indy movement in perfect agreement, as Laura Pollock’s article (Sep 30) suggested.

Such unanimity could only come from avatars and all movements and indeed parties are coalitions of groups with different shades of opinion. However this does not mean we should suggest that any of the key issues will be “decided later”. Of course there is no way to predict what the next “Black Swan” event – such as pandemic or war – will be or when it may force us to adapt our position. Voters are, however, entitled to understand what they are voting for with respect to the central issues at the very least when such a significant change is being suggested.

There may be differences of opinion on, for example, currency, pensions, Nato or the EU and other issues but the voters cannot be expected to simply leave the important decisions to some non-defined process which we will sort out later.

They must know what the manifesto for independence is before the vote and those responsible for said content must be able to explain it. We have no excuse for not having these answers – we’ve had eight years since the last indy referendum to know what we intend to do.

Don’t be surprised if the “son of Better Together” knocks holes in the case for independence if we still don’t have an answer for currency and don’t whinge if they say “you’ve had eight years to work this out” if we are still floundering on this or any of the other big issues.

It’s long past time to decide so lets get this into concrete asap. Once the manifesto for indy is set we can all judge whether or not to support it or whether we are happy to be subjected to a version of Trussonomics for another couple of decades.

Gus McSkimming


I have just read that Sir Keir Starmer has nominated a further eight people for membership to the House of Lords – is that the one the Labour Party has been going to abolish for the last 100 years?

Andrew Sanders