SUCH a contradictory statement from Keir Starmer in his promise to help Scotland shape its own future. Has he been walking around with earplugs in since 2014?

Scotland knows how to shape its own future, if only Westminster would leave it to do just that. We know we have the power and resources to shape our own future. We also know the resources Scotland has are exactly what Westminster wants, no matter who is running the UK Government.

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The SNP and the Yes movement have been broadcasting these facts for a number of years. So how dare Keir Starmer suggest the Scottish Government is not interested?

He also suggests that the UK has seen off the threat of fascism, meaning Vladimir Putin. What Labour party input is he referring to that allows him to take the credit?

The Labour party conference posters suggest it supports a fairer, greener future. Well now. I wonder where on earth they got that message from? Could it have been from the SNP’s policy for many years that it also would want a greener, fairer future?

Alan Magnus-Bennett