THE mini-Budget has arrived, been seen and laughed off the face of the Earth by the international money markets.

The once mighty Sterling is now close to parity with the dollar and as much use as the Argentinian peso in terms of buying power.

In their barrel-bottom scraping the current Tories have come up with the same bald, MOT-failed, slow-puncture tyre of a fiscal policy as brought the UK to its fiscal knees in the early 1960s and the 1970s and now the 2020s.

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Since when has the idea of giving even more money to people with more money than they can ever spend ever grown an economy? Anyone? No?

The silence from the Unionist side is deafening.

Peter Thomson
via email

THE Conservative and Unionist Party trading under the name “Tory” should now change the name to “Ultra Neoliberal Party” to be transparent with the electorate about their intentions for the future of the UK, which will include free-market capitalism, deregulation, small government and privatisation of everything.

Mike Underwood