NADINE Dorries, the former Secretary of State for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport, has deleted her Twitter account.

Speculation abounds that the Tory MP left the social media platform to avoid scrutiny ahead of her alleged nomination to the House of Lords.

Although, considering the Lords currently contains 92 peers whose position there is based entirely on being born into the right family, it’s unlikely that such scrutiny would prevent Dorries from gaining a seat in the Upper House.

Still, in the interests of transparency, The National has compiled a list of the MP’s now deleted tweets, all of which show the intellectual rigour and professionalism we have come to expect from Conservative parliamentarians.

'Dominic Cummings isn't as clever as he doesn't think he is'

Dorries will undeniably be remembered for her stalwart defence of Boris Johnson’s premiership, even at times when his actions seemed indefensible.

For example, here she took on Dominic Cummings in the wake of the former chief of staff’s allegations that those at the top of government were ‘incompetent’.

The National:

“Dominic Cummings isn’t as clever as he doesn’t think he is,” she began. “Allegations of incompetence at the top of government have to be considered in light of the fact that this government is leading the world in terms of Covid recovery”

You really showed him, Nadine.

When she “heard a noise outside” and was reduced to tears

During the pandemic, amidst weekly clapping for the efforts of essential workers, Boris Johnson came down with Covid-19 and ended up in hospital.

However, it seems Dorries dedication to her boss didn’t stretch to setting her clock to the correct time in order to clap for him.

“Heard a noise outside, clock is slow. I opened my front door to the sound of my amazing neighbours whistling, cheering and shouting, ‘come on Boris.’ I’ll admit, I cried. For the boss, and everyone everywhere in hospital battling #Covid19 get better soon”

The National:

When she implied her own daughters were private school f***wits

Many ministers avoid getting into Twitter spats, fearing the indignity and potential backlash of millions of people witnessing your argumentative skill. But not Dorries.

After being blocked by LBC journalist James O’Brien the MP responded with uncharacteristic reserve.

She asked on Twitter: “Is that how supposedly impartial journalists operate at @LBC by blocking MPs?”

However, never one to back down in the face of an entirely inconsequential block, Dorries followed up.

The National:

“To be fair, I think the fact that @mrjamesob is a public school posh boy f*** wit, has more to do with it than his being a journo”

O’Brien then responded by highlighting that he went to Ampleforth College in Yorkshire, where one of her daughter’s was also educated.

She corrected him: “Two of my daughters, actually. I hope the school is proud of their achievements and their unfailing good manners.”

How will she correct the inaccuracies of journalists, now? 

The deletion of Nadine Dorries’s account may be considered a victory for public debate and the image of Westminster but it is undeniably a loss for comedy.