I HAVE watched with ever increasing horror the ongoing “reporting” of the demise of the lady whom I have thought of, for many years, as Mrs Queen; the unending prattle of the London based television channels being more than the average viewer in Scotland could bear.

Thankfully the many words reproduced in The National have been more sensible and understandable coming from both sides of the independence spectrum.

A few things have particularly grated with me.

The first one was that these clever media people said that there would hardly be anyone left in the country who would have known any other monarch. Wrong; there are quite a lot of us who do not want to be written off in that fashion.

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Personally when she came to the throne Elizabeth the First of Scotland was my fourth reigning monarch, alright I have no personal memories of the first two, but I can recall quite a lot concerning her father.

Then we went on to the universal mispronunciation of the name of St Giles’ Cathedral, insisting that an extra s was tacked on to the end off the name; the reference to Braemar as “Braemmer” was also a fairly unforgiveable faux pas.

By managing to arrange that her passing took place in Scotland, Queen Elizabeth ensured that a whole lot of things happened which the whole Westminster government and Monarchy system had not really anticipated until it was too late.

If she had passed away in England we, here in Scotland, would have had barely a mention; instead we were suddenly projected on to the screens and consciousness of the world. The pictures shown of Edinburgh and Scotland must have worked wonders for the image of our country around the world and showed us as an equal on the world stage.

When a member of my family, travelling on a business trip, checked in to her hotel in Chicago a few days ago, the hotel receptionist, after noting her Scottish identity, offered her sincere condolences; that says it all.

The other important thing to arise in the new circumstances is the personal position of the new King Charles. He now has a problem. For years I, probably along with thousands of other citizens of Scotland, have had mixed feelings regarding his position amongst us; a mixture of resentment at his wealthy and privileged position paid for by all of us, and a feeling of pity that he was trapped by heredity in a situation with no escape route.

Over the years he has done, or been responsible for, a number very worthwhile movements involving, for instance, young people and charitable causes. In Scotland think particularly of Dumfries House.

Alongside this has been various other reported activities such as talking to plants, which could usually raise a few indulgent smiles, along with his concerns for the future of the planet.

Soon he is going to come up against the intentions of this disastrously right-wing Westminster government and its plans to progress laws which will have the effect of hastening the demise of our very existence on this planet. Large scale oil extraction and fracking being examples.

Will he have the courage to stand up against these policies and fail to approve them?

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This is not a time to acquiesce in such things by saying that the monarch does not seek to influence governments. It is time to stand up and be counted and as a last resort refuse to take on the job of being crowned king in such circumstances.

Could it come to a situation whereby he returns to Scotland to become King of Scots and lives in relative contentment on a much reduced scale and actively supporting the eco-friendly policies of an independent Scottish Government?

Such a head of state might just be acceptable to both sides of the monarchy/elected head of state discussion, here in Scotland, even for a number of years through what will be a difficult and possibly protracted period in our lives.

We could even get him a bicycle to get around on in a modern eco-friendly way.

George M Mitchell