I HAVE a confession to make. I love Sesame Street. For those who don’t know, it’s a US television show aimed at children, also enjoyed by adults. It has lots of really cute muppets with a message. It is slick and the result of careful planning and rehearsal.

Much like the television output in the UK over the last week or so, characters ­appear wearing the most outlandish costumes and many spouting nonsense. Where it differs is that the American puppet show aims to educate and inform.

Not so, recent UK coverage. British ­characters often make unsupported claims, aimed at ­confusing a largely uneducated audience. It ­bolsters their ignorance and plays upon their trust.

[Before proceeding – a health warning. None of what follows is a criticism of an apparently nice woman who died. Rather it holds up a ­mirror to the antics of those who sullied her memory.]

For example, the Daily Mail solemnly ­informed readers the Queen’s beekeeper had told the Queen’s bees of her demise. Sadly, the paper did not have space to convey the reaction of the bees.

A breathless nation was also told that ­thousands of people are leaving marmalade sandwiches out for the departed so that they can pretend these came from a pretend bear.

Sesame Street was never that batshit ­crazy. And this is happening at a time where more ­people are actually starving, and where ­foodbanks are closing to “honour the Queen’s memory”. Anyone who does not think this is nuts, needs professional help.

Funerals are cancelled and vital operations postponed. Quite how this “honours” anyone’s memory is a mystery to many.

However, in the real world, things are not so rosy. The new king has shown his touch is much less sure than his predecessor. While his mother’s coffin was in transit, he moved to fire hundreds of staff.

He also made his son Prince of Wales. While it is moot that Wales actually needs a prince, the reaction from Wales was swift. The First Minister, Mark Drakeford, deplored the fact that no one in Wales had been consulted. And he sounded very cool about the prospect of any early investiture of the new prince.

Undaunted, Charles III confirmed those who will stand in for him – should he be unavailable. Many were astonished to learn this select group includes Prince Andrew, the Earl of Inverness, as they view his past behaviour as ­unbecoming (ahem). His first appearance as deputy king should be a riot.

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Sesame Street has many admirers, but no ­victims. The UK – not so much. Many billions of pounds have been spent in the last few days and more is to come. This is chiefly public ­money. We are told often that money is very tight, and “now is not the time” to spend on ­support for vulnerable people. Yet, this enormous expense is shrouded in mystery. Who approved it, when, and how? These elementary questions that ought to apply to all public expenditure go ­unanswered.

Worse, these are unasked. A British media, often obsessed with the misuse of “taxpayers’ money”, is strangely silent. No point looking at the new king to defray some of this spend, it seems he is exempt from millions of pounds in inheritance tax.

Time to take a look at the British media (not the Sunday National and its daily sister title, of course) and its recent behaviour. Over the last few days, with the few exceptions noted, ­sycophancy has replaced journalism.

Drooling BBC commentators spend hours on royal trivia, while getting basic facts wrong. The Union of the Crowns was often confused with the Act of Union.

Moreover, despite telling us that BBC ­impartiality is a paramount value, no ­republican voices are allowed.

This is an important moral point. It cannot be maintained that impartiality is a cardinal value, only to junk it in certain circumstances. If this is to be the case, then the UK is little ­different from North Korea. There, too, ­decisions are ­taken by the elite and cast like pearls before the swine. No dissent is acceptable. And no ­questions are asked – except of those who do not conform.

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These people may be quickly ­ arrested, and charged, on the flimsiest of grounds.

And for all who think this is an exaggeration and could not happen here. I have news for you. It just did.

Also, charisma-free Liz Truss now has it ­confirmed how easy it is to control the bulk of the British media. As government policies ­become unworkable, she’ll find scapegoats; then simply manufacture a “national” event. Require all to support it and restrain those who don’t. Just like North Korea.

The editor in chief of Bylines Scotland, Ian Kinsey, is this week’s TNT guest. Join us at 7pm on Wednesday.