I’VE just read the article, in Wednesday’s edition by Hamish Morrison concerning the statement made by Angus Robertson (Future of monarchy in Scotland after independence “not a huge question”, says minister).

To be honest, I was infuriated by his statement contained in the first paragraph, namely that “the future of the monarchy in Scotland isn’t a huge question”.

I wasn’t going to read any further and just write my objections to that.

However, I felt that if I was going to criticise him then I should read all of what he said.

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My impression is that nowhere in his statement did he mention anything to defend his first remark. He says that because as Prince of Wales and Duke of Rothesay, King Charles has often come to Scotland, and was schooled here, then he knows Scotland and the Scottish people. I venture to suggest that what happens inside Gordonstoun is not in the least typical of any education that the vast majority of the Scottish people experienced. How can that experience means that he knows the Scottish people?

He also stated [his] relationship with the people is something that will endure. I’ve never met him so have no “relationship” whatsoever with him. And that probably applies to the vast majority of Scottish citizens. His father once waved to me as I hung out of an upstairs school window during a visit by him to our school – but I don’t think that counts. Besides, it was about 60 years ago.

And as for the fact that Australia and Canada et al have maintained him as King so it shouldn’t be any different for Scotland. Well, my old granny used to say: “Two wrongs don’t make a right.”

He may well be “King” to those countries but only as a very distant King.

As far as I am aware, he doesn’t interfere with their laws as they are entirely independent of Britain. In our case, although all power might transfer from Westminster to Holyrood in an independent Scotland, if we maintain him as King then the Royal prerogative will undoubtedly remain in place, just as it does now; and allows him not to pay inheritance tax on the many millions he will receive from his mother’s estate.

Every other citizen of this country must pay inheritance tax if what they receive in cash and property value exceeds a certain figure.

And if they can’t afford to pay it from the cash they receive, then they have to sell what might well be their home to pay for it.

Maybe Angus Robertson should be reminded that his political party is advocating an independent Scotland that will be fairer and more equal than what we are presently experiencing.

How can it ever be fairer and more equal if we maintain an elite family as heads of state, with titles and privileges that none of the rest of us are allowed?

If they are allowed to change rules and laws that apply to the rest of us, so that they don’t apply to them then that’s not equality.

Comparing it to other monarchies and saying that those countries are amongst the happiest In Europe because they have a monarchy is unfair – unless we really look closely at the circumstances.

For example, I understand that Willem-Alexander, the King of the Netherlands, had a part-time job as a pilot with KLM Airlines for more than 20 years.

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But King Charles is a pensioner – maybe we should put him on a basic State Pension and see how he manages on that? After all, that would make him “equal” with many of the rest of us.

I can see many people holding their hands up in horror at what I’ve written above.

But stop and think about it; if we are intending having a fair and more equal society, then it must be fair and equal for everyone – no exceptions.

Charlie Kerr Glenrothes ON Wednesday I heard Sir Nicholas Soames on Channel 4 News say that the late Queen’s body has been “returned to the nation”. Presumably he means England, but I wonder where Queen Elizabeth’s body has been since she passed away on September 8?

Paul Gillon