The National:

GB NEWS presenter Dan Wootton was mocked so mercilessly over a clip where he was filmed laying a floral tribute to the Queen that he deleted the Tweet.

Wooton, for those who aren't familiar, has previously spent a lot of time bemoaning "virtue signalling" journalists wearing masks at press conferences and has criticised Harry and Meghan for being photographed at a war memorial in Los Angeles, California.

The presenter clearly forgot about his past comments before tweeting out a clip of himself laying flowers outside of Buckingham Palace. 

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He accompanied the short video, now deleted, with the message: "I wanted to return to Buckingham Palace today for some quiet reflection and to lay my own tribute.

"Crowds young, old, from all ethnicities and backgrounds. Truly the best of British doing her [Queen] justice."

The clip showed Wootton standing with his fingers pressed together for approximately eight seconds before he turned to walk away.

Social media users were quick to jump on Wootton's "hypocrisy", with many sharing a screenshot of a tweet he had shared of photographs of Harry and Meghan visiting a war memorial on Remembrance Sunday in 2020.

One social media user, who reshared the clip after it was deleted, accused the presenter of "performative mourning". 

Wootton had unironically written: "How lucky that a photographer happened to be here to capture this deeply personal moment."

Less than two years later, and it appears Wootton forgot his own advice, and Twitter users were swift in running with it. 

Dr Shola Mos-Shogbamimu said: "We always knew Dan Wootton is a hypocrite & opportunist who projects his inferiority complex on Prince Harry and #MeghanMarkIe.

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"A videographer just happened to be here for this moment of ‘quiet reflection’ eh?"

Mos-Shogbamimu signed off his tweet with an emoji which signalled perfection. 

Author James Felton, also sharing some of Wootton's past tweets, wrote: "Dan Wootton: Masks are virtue signalling.


Comedian Shappi Khorsandi joked: "Dan Wootton blocked me years ago.

"I'm sad because now I can't tell him how much I enjoyed his homage to Ab Fabs Edina: 'WHAT is the POINT of MOURNING if THERE'S NOONE THERE TO SEE ME DO IT?????'"

India Willoughby added: "Dan Wootton - one of the Woke-Finder Generals of Britain’s Far Right media - has today traipsed down to Buck Palace to film himself being sad.

"Dan would normally call this virtue signalling."

Another social media user joked: "At this time of National Mourning it's comforting to me that we can all come together, prayerfully and respectfully united in loathing for Dan Wootton."

Perhaps Wootton should have a quick scan of his tweets in future to make sure he isn't going to immediately contradict himself.