IT’S a mess. Growing evidence shows that the UK faces challenges that threaten its very existence. Meanwhile the attention of Scots is diverted to distractions. The media in Scotland, with the exception of this fine organ and it’s daily sister title (and nothing that follows applies to The Sunday National) is a cause for real concern. It has ever been subservient, parochial, and myopic. Many of its editors are of modest intellect while its reporters slavishly follow every line set down. Any line is OK if it pays the mortgage.

Speculation counters facts. Bias is presented “impartially”. And superficiality drives out ­serious content. Complacency rules. Besides, it’s so much easier to regurgitate press releases, rather than gather evidence. With the overall e­ffect that real concerns are unrecognised or ­ignored, while unsupported claptrap gets top billing. The result is a dumbing down of the ­nation.

The people are thus misled, while misrepresentations are presented as “truth”.

Minimising the awful

Here are just a couple of examples of ­minimising the awful, while magnifying the much less so.

Firstly, the £3bn Royal Navy aircraft carrier HMS Prince of Wales has broken down just one day after departing from Portsmouth on a four-month deployment to the US. The 65,000-tonne warship remained in the south coast exercise area near the Isle of Wight as the Royal Navy conducts “investigations”.

The vessel – Britain’s largest warship and flagship carrier – has a poor history, getting stranded in Portsmouth at the end of 2020 ­after flooding in its engine room damaged the ­electrics. During its first two years in service, the carrier reportedly spent fewer than 90 days at sea after springing leaks twice.

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The National:

In a metaphor summing up all that now ­represents Britain, the flagship of the fleet is presently drifting helplessly in a sea of ­ sewage.

Surely, a calamity of huge proportions, both in terms of enormous cost and loss of prestige. But what were Scots fed ad nauseum? Ferries. Where are the UK ministers defending the ­flagship farce? Not one doorstepped. All the while, the PM lounges on a Greek beach.

The UK is leaderless and in steep decline, but you’d scarcely know from reading many of the public prints.

The democratic flaws

Secondly, the new Tory leader will be ­unveiled this week. In an insult to democratic ideals ­everywhere, they will then become prime minister. No general election is needed. Under the British constitution, the new Tory leader may march straight to Balmoral and be declared prime minister by the head of state. They merely tell her they “enjoy the confidence of the House”.

Her majesty would be entitled to be sceptical. After all Liz Truss, if she wins, does not even ­enjoy the confidence of the majority of Tory MPs, never mind the rest of the House.

She certainly cannot claim to have the ­confidence of the people as this has not been tested. To call this democracy is to abuse the definition.

Again, you will hear few of these serious ­constitutional and democratic flaws discussed in the media. Not just because most editors do not have a clue about the British ­constitution, judging by the number of times the term is ­misused in their publications. Many of them know precious little about the defective ­arrangements that underpin the British state – and care even less.

The media problem

A result is that earth-shattering changes that massively affect Scotland are reported in the most trivial terms. Let me give you a taste of what’s to come. Headline: When and how did Liz Truss lose her Paisley accent?

What they ought to focus on is why she is an empty space. The Toom Tabard of our times. Scientists tell us that an atom has a nucleus, but most of atomic space surrounding it is ­completely empty. Nada. Nothing is there. Bit like Truss. A vacant vessel. But not completely, the difference is that she will be surrounded by advisers who will fill the emptiness with ­extreme right-wing policies. Nothing will be safe from these fanatics, for whom she will provide a convenient front.

Leading economists predict a four-year-long recession for the UK. Does Truss have a shred of compassion for millions whose lives are about to be shredded? Maybe. But those around her do not. They will ravage the NHS, and consign millions to misery, while they sell off remaining public assets.

Again, do not expect any real coverage of the faceless types pulling her strings. Their ­manipulation will go largely unreported. ­Instead. Look, Scotland there’s a rabbit!

Whither Scotland in all of these colossal shambles?

As renowned journalist, Ed Morrow, put it many years ago: “A nation of sheep will beget a government of wolves.” We need to act now. The wolf pack is on its way.

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