The National:

MARTIN Compston has silenced a troll on Twitter for questioning the Line of Duty star’s tax status.

The troll called out Compston, as well as independence-supporting stars Brian Cox and Alan Cumming, for living in America and accused the “Scotland loving” trio of not paying tax in the country.

Unlike Compston, Cumming and Cox, the troll’s credentials are beyond question. The account sported the double--whammy of a profile picture of the First Minister with a bizarre wig photoshopped on her head, as well as a header of her enjoying nuclear apocalypse.


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The troll wrote about the trio: “Cummings, Cox and Compston ... Love Scotland so much that they all live in America and contribute nothing to the Scottish economy apart from stirring up division with our closest neighbours.

“They are promoting a new Mega Disaster Movie.

"Directed by: Nicola, ‘INDEPENDENCE DAY’”

For what it’s worth, with that all-star-cast, stellar premise and steady directorial hand, the Jouker would be first in line to see the film.

Responding to the troll, Compston was not willing to take the slight lying down and was adamant that he had paid his fair share to the public purse.

He replied: “Did I just pay that £110,000 July tax bill to HMRC for a laugh then Jonny?”

While paying one’s fair share of taxes is not something that deserves overt praise, neither is a tax bill of that size a laughing matter – ouch!

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Compston has, as yet, silenced the troll with no reply forthcoming.

Regardless, the idea that choosing to live elsewhere means you love your own country any less is a dangerous one and should be treated with suspicion.

In any case, we can’t wait for the Independence Day premiere!