LABOUR Leader Sir Keir Starmer MP calls for a price cap on fuel prices! Sounds good till you do the analysis! Because a price cap now will do absolutely nothing to assist those on the lowest incomes who are already struggling. But it will assist those who can pay now and will be able to continue to pay in the future!

Labour’s message is too little too late, with no suggestion of protection from the cost-of-living crisis for the vulnerable, the sick and needy. Labour have lost their morals.

Catriona C Clark

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RENATIONALISATION (not nationalisation) should be a cornerstone of any decent social-leaning party. Remember that the energy companies were taken out of public ownership by Thatcher, and those who took up the share offers did very well. Many folk, like me, did not do this on principle, and it would only

be just to now take these companies back into public ownership, with basic levels of compensation. Then energy bills would be controlled. After all, the cost of oil, gas and electric generation has not increased due to actual production factors but due to global price speculation.

Tim Warner