IT can be no surprise that the current direction of travel of Starmer’s Labour Party has motivated Kevin Lindsay to put some social distance between the interests of his members and Starmer.

That Starmer doesn’t want to “take a side” in this dispute says it all. Good to see that the leader of Aslef knows which side he is on.

My old friend Johnnie Walker would be nodding in agreement were he still with us.

Archie Drummond

WITH the battle for the position of PM seeming to settle into a past era, it occurred to me that a suitable phone call to party archives might go something like this: “Hello, could you send us over the Thatcher blueprint and specs ...

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“Yes, the lot! Hair, teeth, make up and clothes, and if you could send the voice ...

“No, not anything before the makeover, we have the basis and we will work with that ...

“What’s that? Our enquiry for the Churchill blueprint has been out for some time and has not yet been returned, and the borrower has applied for an extension with a view to making use of it again ...” Sorry!

James Ahern
East Kilbride