BORIS Johnson using the PM’s official residence at Chequers for a personal beano – who’s surprised?

Boris likes a party, and why wouldn’t he expect us to subsidise it? Of course there is a clamour from the Tory party at this abuse of a public resource. Not! Because they would all wish to avail themselves of the publicly funded gravy train. It’s what these Tories expect and do.


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Given that he’s got his party in early, does this reveal that Boris doesn’t expect to linger in his post until the proposed announcement of his successor in early September? Does anyone doubt that the winner will be realised within the party hierarchy and deals will be done to ensure that the other contenders are given prestigious roles in the new Cabinet for abandoning their leadership “ambitions”; with an early acclamation of the next leader and PM very soon?

The Conservative and Unionist party and the UK operate like a banana republic. There again, as Miriam Cates MP reckons she and her cronies belong to the “ruling class”, why shouldn’t they just get on with working their corrupt privilege and insist we mere mortals stop moaning because we should realise they’re not listening, and it won’t make any difference?

The Tories make the excesses of Caligula look like a kids’ party. Don’t we really need Jock Claudius to take over and restore sanity? Anyone for independence?

Jim Taylor

THE House of Lords is an insult to anyone who believes in democracy, stuffed full of former political lackeys earning more than £300 per day and making major decisions on legislation that the rest of us have to follow. To highlight just how out-of-date these old duffers are, they have produced a report calling for the TV licence to be replaced with a levy on council tax bills! What level of stupidity did it take to come out with this idea, adding one of the most hated taxes onto the other!

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No-one welcomes their council tax bill, it doesn’t adequately fund council services yet it is still too high for many people to afford. Adding the hated TV licence to this bill won’t do anything to increase its popularity but will see people forced into paying for the BritNat propaganda pushed on us by the BBC. No doubt the BBC would prefer this as offering a subscription-style service would result in their income falling drastically as people get a real choice on whether to support the dross produced by the BBC.

This idea shows that both the TV licence and the House of Lords are well past their sell-by date and both need scrapped ASAP.

Cllr Kenny MacLaren

THE cost of producing oil and electricity is the same, but energy prices are controlled by speculators who operate a futures market which, like the stock market, is a series of self-fulfilling prophecies designed to fleece the end user purchaser. The speculators make “profits” from differences in the price chain, from production to consumption. They create the differences themselves. It is a complete in-your-face, out-in-the-open con trick, with us as the victims. Yet the government lets them do it. Why?

Malcolm Parkin

I REMEMBER Save the Children’s campaign against Nestle in the early 1970s – 50 and more years ago. Part of the reason for that campaign was that Nestle gave its product free to mothers with newborn babies, but after the mothers had left hospital and had lost the ability to produce their own milk for their babies, it charged families for its product. Those actions caused a massive amount of problems for the people involved. Babies died.

Now we have mothers and families resorting to stealing to keep their babies alive. Goodness gracious, what are we as a country coming to? We are getting more and more like a third-world country, not just what they are like today, but what they were like decades ago. Can the people who are against us making our own decision not see what BoJo the clown and the rest of the Tories are really like? Me-me-me! We have got to get out of this mess.

George McKnight
West Calder

A PRELIMINARY report has been released on the Uvalde school shooting in Texas when, on May 24, the perpetrator killed 21 people, mainly children.

The report highlights unbelievable official failures in the response.

At 11.33am local time the gunman opened fire. At 11.35am the first of an eventual 376 armed responders arrived at the school, but it wasn’t until 12.50pm that they finally killed him.

That’s 376 officers who weren’t heroes, 376 officers who didn’t do their job.

Contrast that with the barely publicised shooting at the Greenwood Park Mall in Indiana on Sunday, when a lawfully armed citizen shot the perpetrator dead at the point when he had murdered three people.

Big government is not going to save you.

Geoff Moore
Alness, Highland