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WHO could possibly be to blame for the ever-declining reputation of Britain’s political system?

This is the question that seems to be troubling a certain Mr Nigel Farage.

The former Brexit Party and Ukip chief took to social media to express his unhappiness about the current state of the UK, perhaps hoping collective amnesia had taken hold of the population and we’d all forgotten the role he played in moving the Overton window ever more rightwards.

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“The current reputation of British politics is lower than it has ever been in modern times,” the Brexiteer in Chief informed his supporters.

Yeah. We noticed.

“We’re all trying to find who did this,” joked James Felton in response to the GB News host’s concerns. Thousands of people backed the comment, while others responded with the meme of the two spidermen pointing at each other.

“Lookout from Titanic complains about ship filling up with water,” added another.

“And you’re a large part of why,” Fine Gael TD Neale Richmond told the Brexiteer.

“Nastiest skid mark in history complains about the state of underpants,” remarked LBC’s James O’Brien.

Nigel Farage is absolutely to blame

The current government is presiding over the worst living standards fall in modern history, and is more interested in stoking up culture wars than dealing with that.

When they’re not focused on driving wedge issues through the electorate, their leader is probably lying to us all about something else, or they’re bringing in policies to make their rich friends richer while the rest of us suffer. And if there are laws there to stop them from behaving in a certain way, well who cares – laws are made to be broken, right? Nothing matters when you don’t let pesky ethical concerns cloud your judgement.

Meanwhile, the Leader of the Opposition, which is the Labour Party by the way, doesn’t seem to have a clue what his party is all about or what he stands for – and his own MPs proudly say they don’t support strikes. He’s wishy-washy, boring and beige, the absolute last person who should be taking on this disastrous Tory government.

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And all of this follows more than half a decade spent debating Brexit – an idea which wasn’t properly thought through, and now even its most fervent supporters admit has been a failure as everything from our exports to our currency's value decline. 

Years of MPs going back and forth on the issue made millions of voters switch off, and now the hard Brexit it resulted in gets minimal scrutiny because nobody can be bothered talking about it anymore.

A referendum which only happened to satiate those in the Tory Party at risk of being whisked away by Farage’s Brexiteers.

Remind us, how did the now so-unpopular Boris Johnson get into power with an 80-seat majority?

Oh yeah – wasn’t he helped by the right-wing Brexit Party stepping aside in Tory seats to allow Johnson to capitalise on the full Leave vote?

Didn’t he continually ramp up political pressure on the Tories, forcing them to go with a harder Brexit and an even more hostile environment?

Didn’t Farage’s blaming of minority groups for Britain’s problems open the door to normalising xenophobia in the media?

It's really no surprise that the reputation of Britain's politics has coincided with these events.

Farage cannot excuse himself – he played a major role in the decline of the UK. He should at least own it.