The National:

ANAS Sarwar has yet again proclaimed that the Labour party will not do any deals with the SNP ahead of the next General Election - conspicuously leaving out that his party is more than happy to power share with the Tories.

Sarwar beat the same drum ahead of the local elections in May this year - Scottish Labour won’t do any deals, or any coalitions, and in particular with those nasty nats.

A few months on from the local authority poll, Sarwar launched his plan to redefine devolution in London, more than 400 miles away from his constituents at the opposite end of the country.

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And don’t mix that up with former prime minister Gordon Brown’s commission doing exactly the same thing - Sarwar’s series of papers is set to “complement” that work, apparently.

“Regardless of the outcome of the next UK General Election ... Labour will do no deal with the SNP.

“No deal. No pact. No behind-closed-doors arrangement. No coalition,” Sarwar told the Fabian Society in Westminster on Monday.

Three weeks after the local elections, Labour ended up in coalition with the SNP in Dumfries and Galloway. It has not been given a formal name - although both parties have a co-leader on the joint administration. Call a spade a spade, but not if you're Scottish Labour.

Then if we turn our eyes to the other council areas in Scotland - numerous grubby deals with the Tories and LibDems abound, some of which locked the SNP out of power despite the fact they returned the biggest vote share.

In South Ayrshire, a Tory administration managed to take power due to Labour abstentious, with party councillors later claiming that wasn’t their intention. Meanwhile in Edinburgh, a Labour administration took control with the assistance of Tory votes, and two Labour councillors abstained. We could go on, but the full list is here.

The point is - Labour are still saying one thing and doing another. Scottish Labour are never going to regain trust after the disastrous vow of 2014 and their part in the No campaign if they don’t start to be genuine. Does Sarwar think the electorate have the memory of a fish?

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Scrapping the House of Lords is a rehashed policy and bringing in legal guarantees that Westminster and Scottish Governments work together was another plan touted - there are already legal consent procudures in place, it’s the Westminster government who don’t stick to them by legislating in devolved areas.

Sarwar spent much of his speech wrapping these tedious announcements in amongst a slagging match against Nicola Sturgeon and Boris Johnson, taking on the SNP and Tories in equal measure.

Yet - Labour are more than willing to let the Tories in the back door if it suits them. One thing is clear from Sarwar’s speech - he knows independence is coming and his speech shows he does not have the answers the Unionist side so desperately needs.