FOLLOWING Nicola Sturgeon’s announcement of a date for indyref2 next year, The National asked its readers for their thoughts on the news.

Sturgeon announced in Holyrood on Tuesday that a second independence referendum will be held on 19 October 2023 with the news splitting opinion across the country.

While the bill to set the vote in motion will be subject to a fierce battle in the courts, the SNP are going to be gearing up their efforts to win over voters.

Here are some of the best reader responses to the announcement.

Janice Gale

It’s clear and positive showing Nicola has every intention of taking this through to the end. Now is the time for all Yessers to get behind her.

Jean Anderson

How do I feel?

Excited! Delighted! Gladsome! Blythe! Joyous! Happy! Well-pleased.

Relieved that the campaign has really started now and that I might see an independent Scotland before I die.

Carl Irvine

I think Nicola has been very canny by asking the Advocate General to refer the referendum to the Supreme Court. By doing this now, it prevents a referral on say 10 October 2023 being used as a wrecking tactic. If the Supreme Court rules it lawful, the referendum goes ahead and no one can call it pretendy. If they rule against its legality then any notion that this is a Union, not an occupation, is completely nullified. We then go to plan B, which is probably easier to win.

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Peter Porrelli

I'm pleasantly surprised at the breadth of the First Minister’s announcement. She outlined the legal process of a consultative referendum while highlighting the ways that Scotland lacks legitimate, democratic routes to self-determination in this so-called Union by consent. I am not surprised, however, in the Unionist response to this careful outline of the process. For all their talk of process, Unionists certainly don't seem to be listening to the substance of the case, focussed instead on establishing sound-bites. Though droll, nationalists should feel heartened if the positive case for the Union consists of the same old empty, bad-faith politics.

Ron Hastie

Happy to see things progressing. I am all for independence. However, I am concerned that the timing is too early and feel if we lose that, I will not see an independent Scotland in my lifetime.

stephen Anderson

Independence for Scotland can't come soon enough - Unchain the unicorn.

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Evelyn Laurie

I'm so relieved that this has finally been announced - and carefully constructed to nip in the bud any quarrels about "legality" etc. It is all about democracy and giving the people of Scotland the right to choose how our country is managed. The opposition parties should now move away from quibbling about whether democracy should be allowed and take the opportunity to engage in meaningful debate about the "real issues" which they say they are concerned about and attempt to make their case for how these are best addressed within the Union. Grown up, sensible debate is what we all need now so that Scots can make an informed decision in the referendum. Bring it on!!

John Rutherford

I think the timing of the announcement was perfect. The strategy isn't risk-free but the only one under the circumstances. The gloves are now off at last. Let battle commence ... I can see it going to an election plebiscite though.