The National:

BORIS Johnson was trying his best to repair the UK’s international reputation at the G7 summit on Sunday when he asked if the conference could remove their clothes.

At the moment, there seems to be no end to Johnson’s infantile behaviour on the world stage.

After the last-minute intervention to ground the first flight taking asylum seekers to Rwanda, he threw his toys out of the pram with the European Court of Human Rights by introducing his bill to repeal the Human Rights Act.

Neither could he keep his promises with the EU by reneging on his commitments to the Northern Ireland Protocol.

And now, in a meeting with the leaders of the free world, he let his public school boy persona shine through by suggesting that attendees take off their clothes.

In a clip shared on Twitter he can be heard saying: “Jackets on? Jackets off?” Can we take our clothes off?” (Getting Nelly vibes here ...)

And then Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau chimed in by suggesting that the room wait for the picture to strip down.

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Never missing an opportunity to be seen as Volodymyr Zelenskyy's number one ally, Johnson then said that they needed to “show off their pecs” and prove that they were “tougher than Putin”.

In fairness, if anything could frighten the Russian armed forces from their invasion of Ukraine, then the thought of a topless Boris Johnson might just be it.