TORY peer Baroness Helena Morrissey resigned her Foreign Office post after saying that Boris Johnson was in the “wrong job” and should resign.

Despite being sacked for making up facts when he was a journalist at The Times newspaper, Johnson does have some limited experience as a journalist. Obsessed with headlines, he is desperate to avoid negative ones. Hence his “dead cat” strategy of coming up with often weird and strange initiatives to grab headlines and deflect attention away from Tory scandals or incompetence.

Bridges were a common “big idea” – a bridge across the Channel was proposed to distract from the failures of the Brexit process, a bridge from Scotland to Northern Ireland when the trading agreement for North Ireland proved unworkable. Neither transport link had any reality.

Such headline-grabbing stunts are just that. Stunts to generate headlines, not researched or even costed on the back of an envelope. A distraction, dreamt up on the spur of the moment with no serious consideration or thought. His spineless ministers are then repeatedly parachuted in to defend these new “policies”!

There is an old saying: “Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me”. Johnson has been pulling these stunts for years, but now increasingly the public have rumbled him, and as one of his backbenchers complained dejectedly, “the rumbling process is only likely to get worse.”

148 Tory backbenchers voted that they had no confidence in Johnson’s premiership. The Prime Minister had lobbied them intensively before that vote, but they took a leaf out of Johnson’s own playbook, telling him one thing and then doing another. After the vote, one of Johnson’s allies said angrily: “Tory MPs are a bunch of lying snakes, I don’t trust anything they say.”

Carrie Symonds, then his future wife, reputedly told him loudly: “You just don’t care for anything because you’re spoilt. You have no care for money or anything.” Unfortunately his spendthrift attitude too often relates to taxpayers’ money! Remember the PPE scandals ... millions wasted.

Now Boris Johnson’s ethics adviser Lord Geidt has resigned after saying there was a “legitimate question” over whether the PM had broken ministerial rules over partygate – the second ethics advisor to resign in less than two years!

Who on earth will Johnson get to take over this thankless ethics role? Perhaps his last remaining defender, his father Stanley Johnson, who is very familiar with the antics of his spoilt, entitled brat?

The comment has been made that Johnson is “a man whose ego has driven him higher than his capabilities should have allowed … he has contaminated and warped everything and everyone he has touched.”

Pete Milory

POOR Boris, losing not one but two ethics advisors – I wonder why. He could always ask his dad or his sister – they will defend the indefensible along with the nodding donkeys in the Cabinet.

It seems Boris’s dancing around the truth is catching on. We have Sharon Dowey, Tory MSP, tweeting that the “Unionists have won every election in Scotland year in year out”. What planet is she on?

Democracy is, however, not catching on when Boris, Murdo and David Lammy all say No to indyref2 and Lammy also says the branch office in Scotland will also say no.

Winifred McCartney

MEGALOMANIAC Johnson, installed in his megalomania-centric Westminster, insists Scotland cannot be independent while never giving a reason, despite it being obvious to many Scots and no doubt to himself and many of his deceiving henchmen that it can be.

I suspect most others down south simply don’t give the issue much consideration, as Scotland has been treated as little more than a slightly different Westminster-dependent English county and quaint, easy-to-access leisure destination throughout their lifetimes.

We are neighbouring nations, one larger than the other which appears to assume more power than the other, thereby claiming the right to dictate the whys and wherefores over the other.

Whatever its relevance three centuries ago, the Union has been seriously questioned in recent years, not least instigated by dubious moves by Westminster – the unannounced midnight steal of Scottish waters in the North Sea by Tony Blair immediately prior to devolution and the documents concealed in the McCrone Report revealing the actual financial strength of Scotland’s ability to survive as an independent country, even back then in the early 70s being used to prop up a failing UK government.

More recently, pre-2014 the oil was allegedly running low, then back to expectations after indyref1 was neatly sorted and out of the way, no questions asked.

With the most immoral and irresponsible Prime Minister leading a government no better than himself, it seems utterly unacceptable that a legitimate desire by a partner nation in a union should depend on those exploiting that partner to permit its electorate to decide on its future way forward, either within that union or independent of it.

Interestingly, at this time Johnson is apparently at odds with a European Court of Human Rights judgement on his intent regarding the sending of refugees to Rwanda, an issue highlighting the inhumanity of his government and grist to the mill as we grind toward our independence.

What better way to put Johnson in his place than by seeking a judgement on the rights or wrongs of Scotland’s desire to decide its own future – a judgement from the ECHR, that court in no mean way pioneered by the predecessor he so highly reveres?

Tom Gray