UNTIL Scots and Scotland act under Scottish law, hope for freedom from the English system will remain a dream.

The Scottish Government is an English construct and is subject to English laws. Actions it engages in are subject likewise.

A referendum held by Holyrood, no matter its flavour, must comply with a legal system outwith Scotland, and therein lie the inevitable delays that will push the recovery of our independence beyond my lifetime, perhaps yours too.

Our MPs can call for a referendum, or better still, can call for the reconstitution of the Scottish Government.

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I am not able to easily judge just how many of the civil servants operating in Scotland are answerable to England and its laws, but clearly any referendum we hold must not have the self-interested hand of England or its media anywhere near it, at any stage.

Our MPs can recall our parliament without reference to the people in exactly the same manner as it was suspended, however such a movement would require 100% support from the SNP, who just happen to be the party not taking this step and whose power, as a government, is subject to English law.

Currently, the table is severely tilted. The rules and regulations concerning public voting, its administration and oversight are all written and controlled by the very country that directly benefits by the failure of our actions to protect or regain control of our own country.

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To even contemplate engaging in this rigged scenario in farcical.

The UN can and would advise on methods acceptable to them (and therefore the world) on exactly how we may proceed, but my money goes on them not having been asked.

There are at least 60 fine examples of how to escape the English maw, but our heroes and heroines seem set to be asking “Please Sir, may we leave?”

There is a prospective loss of multiple billions of pounds annually to England if they were to agree to our freedom. Who in their right mind would expose their country, their wealth and their power, by taking such a path?

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The SNP appear to be travelling a road that, for success, totally relies upon honesty, mutual respect and democratic trustworthiness from a Tory England that is beholden to and in love with Boris Johnson.

To the very end of my life, I will be Yes. Since 2016 especially I have been asking, “Which will come first?” I want it to be Yes, though I will not benefit materially. Before 2014 I was certain, and the pain of that failure has caused me to better examine the path the SNP have mapped.

I am now sure that I’ll not see it, irrespective of the indyref result.

Indyref will win the day but not the independence we seek.

It will simply start the long litigation that might lead to freedom. However, that path was open to the SNP in 2016, and their failure to act has caused irreparable and ongoing damage to Scotland and its people.

Far more understand this today, and have been calling on the SNP to respond, but have been ignored. Are being ignored.

We’ll know when the SNP finally decides to put country before party when they embrace the other Yes parties and movements, enter into open discussions as partners in a common aim.

It will not happen under the Murrell regime. Sorry!

Christopher Bruce

THERE are reports that the EU will not support Scotland in the event of a wildcat referendum. What is the EU up to? Scotland was dragged out without consent by lies and deception – is that not fraudulent? Who is pulling the strings with the EU? Surely the power grabs and Northern Ireland protocol should show Westminster can’t be trusted. A legal way will be found, but the EU must stand with Scotland.

Glen Peters