AS long as we always bear in mind, and inform others, that every derogatory statement, every slur, every suggestion Scotland is to wee and cannot support itself as an independent nation, and every negative statement regarding the Scottish Government is a slur on Scotland and Scottish people everywhere whatever their political viewpoint.

Yes, it is an insult even to Scottish Tory-Labour and LibDem voters who will be told they live in a second-rate country that needs English handouts to survive. We must call out those in power, along with those in opposition who demean our great country and confront them at every step of the way.

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It will be a hard campaign with Unionist misinformation at every step of the way, attempting to instil hatred and division within the population, for they are the only ones who need hostility and division if they are to succeed. We don’t, because it is in our interest to rise above all that will be launched at us. Keep the faith, stay strong and stand tall, if we do this WE WILL WIN.

Steve Brooker