The National:

BREXITEER Unionists are tiring in the face of the renewed Yes campaign.

After 15 years of successive SNP governments in Holyrood, it looks like even the most unlikely of supporters of Scottish independence are starting to come round to sense.

Isabel Oakeshott, international editor of Talk TV and former GB News journalist, has said “perhaps Scotland should go its own way” while claiming weariness in the face of Scottish democracy.

She tweeted: “Never thought I'd say this, but perhaps Scotland should just go its own way. The SNP will never stop stoking that simmering resentment over Westminster's retained powers. Tragic, but there's only so much moaning any of us wants to hear:)”

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Oakeshott’s acquiescent tone is a far cry from the bluster of the old-school Brexiteers like Nigel Farage who, back in 2014, said: “We've had a lot from Scotland but the tail cannot go on wagging the dog any longer."

However, she has seen what a positive case for independence can do to a Unionist. She co-wrote a biography on David Cameron which detailed how the former prime minister had sleepless nights over the prospect of an independent Scotland during the last referendum campaign.

The thought of Johnson experiencing the same might be reason enough to hold another vote...

It would seem the Brexiteers’ zeal is fading as far as Scotland is concerned. Once seen as the Victorian child who was to be seen and not heard, our separate and unique identity is shining through.

If apathy among the British establishment is what it takes to pave the way to independence, then the Jouker will take it how it comes.