WE were dismayed to read that an all-male group of fundamentalist protesters has succeed in making Cineworld cancel nationwide screenings of The Lady Of Heaven, which tells the story of Muhammad’s daughter Fatima from a Shia Muslim perspective.

Concern for “the safety of staff and customers” was cited after complaints that the film was “blasphemous”.

It was a relief, therefore, to hear that a Muslim school worker in Manorcroft Primary School in Surrey, who attempted to sue for religious discrimination after complaining that her boss, in relation to a new admin system, called her a “guinea pig”, has had her lawsuit rejected by an employment tribunal.

Her lament that “calling me pig of any kind is against my religion ... the word pig is offensive to me” is surely no less absurd than the presumption to dictate to fellow citizens which movies they can watch.
Neil Barber
Edinburgh Secular Society