DON’T fall for yet another Tory U-turn. The Tories’ new-found fondness for a windfall tax is absolutely nothing to do with how many people are suffering, or projected to suffer as energy bills are set to rocket even further. Thousands of pensioners die every year from hypothermia and a fear of being unable to pay their fuel bills, and no action is ever taken to help them.

This move is only because the Tories think they are in trouble over Partygate, the cost-of-living crisis that they created and not forgetting the wholescale fraud perpetuated by the Tory government throughout Covid, with dodgy deals lining the pockets of Tories and their supporters.

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This is the most corrupt UK Government in history – we have a serial liar as Prime Minister who ignores the rules he imposes on others, a dodgy Chancellor who allows his family to avoid tax plus a whole host of crooked Cabinet ministers who only excel in incompetence and the ability to transfer public money into private hands.

The announcement by the Chancellor is not enough. The rises in the energy price cap should be limited to 4% or 5% like in France and Germany, the whole National Grid system – where Scotland is penalised for producing electricity – needs abandoned. Scotland is an energy-rich nation – there is absolutely no need for anyone to be in fuel poverty. It’s only happening due to the corruption of the Tory government and previous Westminster governments which treat Scotland with contempt.

We need independence and we need it now.

Cllr Kenny MacLaren

I WONDER if anyone else was as certain as I was that, if a windfall tax were to be imposed, it would not happen before the end of May?

Why? Because by then the spring dividends will have been set on the basis of the recent high profits, and I more than suspect that many senior Tories, and/or their wives and cronies, have huge numbers of shares in the relevant companies.

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I am, however, delighted that Boris has accepted full responsibility for the Downing Street shenanigans. Since accepting responsibility involves also accepting obligatory remedial actions, he can now go ahead and identify the minions whom he wants to carry the can for his decisions and actions!

Meantime, since my 80th birthday, I can now afford the treat of one pain au chocolat per fortnight, from the 25p increase in my pension.

L McGregor

HOW many times do people imagine we should have to listen to our Prime Minister apologise for his actions, or see him shake his head at criticism of himself? We have heard the same phrases time and time again, including the one about lessons being learned.

I do not know what he was like at Eton, but he is certainly a slow learner now. I cannot believe anything Boris Johnson says, given his sorry record, nor am I able to understand why any of his colleagues still have faith in him. I am ashamed for the Westminster government, who do not appear to have the moral fibre to remove a proven liar from his post.

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Wednesday afternoon’s comments on the Sue Gray report leave me astounded to learn not only of the actual events but also of their aftermath, with wine and vomit being left for the cleaners to remove. What a disgusting way to treat other members of staff, and this at a time when normal people were following the government’s own lockdown rules. Not only does the man have no respect for the electorate in general, there is also no respect at all for members of his staff who have to clean up after him, with the added possibility of passing on Covid infection.

I am so thankful to live in Scotland where we have our own parliament at Holyrood, and I can only look forward to the day that we achieve our independence and can rid ourselves of the Westminster millstone.

Monica Wells
Deskford, Moray

SUE Gray has now published her report into parties that took place in Downing Street during Covid lockdowns. The report is damning for the Prime Minister. He was on television nearly every day preaching observance of the Covid rules, whilst at the same time allowing rowdy parties in Downing Street, and attending them.

It’s time for him to go. Lawmakers cannot be lawbreakers. Failure to resign will cement the view that there is one rule for the powerful, and another for the rest of us. That would be toxic for our democracy and our reputation around the world.

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Civil servants should not be left to carry the can. The buck stops with the Prime Minister.

Conservative MPs must act now to replace him. They either stand with the Prime Minister, or they stand with democracy. They can’t do both.

Hugh Fitzpatrick
via email

DEMOCRACY is dead. The autocratic liar and Tory fool stands at the despatch box and smugly uses phrases like “Sir Beer Korma” and “Vladimir Corbyn”. I cannot begin to describe my disgust and fury that such comments are spoken on a day when his government fails to be held to account for the shame that is Partygate.

I was unable to visit a friend in hospital. I was not one of the two designated visitors; she had two daughters. She died. May the people of Scotland ensure we escape the cesspit that is Westminster next year. Freedom.

Jane Bullock
via email

A FAIRLY broad shopping list for 10 Downing Street parties including M&S nibbles, Krispy Kreme donuts, suitcases full of booze and even a karaoke machine – but not a mention of the gallons of whitewash used since.

Murray Forbes