The National:

DOUGLAS Ross’s relentless refusal to call for Boris Johnson’s resignation has made him the laughing stock of the UK press.

Ross was skewered by two Sky News journalists following a brutal interview where the Scottish Tory leader repeated the same line that he has been sputtering since his u-turn before the Tory party conference.

Repeating the words that have lost all meaning, specifically that as long as the war in Ukraine rages on Johnson should stay in his post, the Sky News interviewer seemed increasingly exasperated by Ross.

When he was asked if he would call for Johnson to go when the war is over, Ross said: “Well, let’s see where we are but my position changed because of Ukraine.

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“My position changed because of the war in Ukraine and that’s the only thing that changed it. Let’s see if we can end that war sooner rather than later but I can only answer based on the circumstances right now.”

The Sky News reporter cut in: “What you’re saying is the war in Ukraine is the only thing that’s reversed your position?"

“Yes,” replied Ross.

“Therefore when the war in Ukraine’s over you’ll reverse it back, correct?” the reporter asked.

“That’s what I said,” said the MP

When the live stream cut back to Downing Street, the Sky News analysis was less than kind to the part-time linesman.

One reporter noted that it was the third stance taken by Ross on the Prime Minister’s position, prompting the ire of Sky News’ Jon Craig.

Craig said: “He’s flip-flopping all over the place …

“He will be, I suspect, ridiculed by his political opponents in Scotland. In fact, I think Nicola Sturgeon has already criticised him for changing his views on this.”

He later added: “I think more consistency is what we need from Mr Ross.”

The Scottish Tory leader has now found himself the laughing stock of the mainstream media and, The Jouker suspects, the rest of the country.

Ross’s shameless shifting of his position has had him flip-flopping like a fish out of water and the Jouker thinks it won’t be too long before Ross’s chickens come home to roost.

But that’s what you get for hitching your cart to Johnson’s wagon.