THE deputy prime minister appeared completely unimpressed by his boss’s handling of PMQs in the wake of the Sue Gray report being published.

Dominic Raab, who is also the Justice Secretary, looked absolutely fed up with Boris Johnson’s nonsense as the Tory leader branded Keir Starmer “Sir Beer Korma” on Wednesday.

After Starmer condemned the Prime Minister for parties held in Downing Street and Whitehall during lockdown, Johnson gave the Labour leader the nickname – referencing the police investigation into a Durham gathering last year while Covid rules were in place.

“Sir Beer Korma is currently failing to hold himself to the same high standards that he demanded of me,” Johnson told the House. “He called for me to resign when the when the investigation began. Why is he in his place?”

Johnson added: “He is still there and so is the shadow deputy leader. I apologised when the revelations emerged. I continue to apologise, I repeat that I am humbled by what has happened and we instituted profound changes throughout Number 10. But I think in view of the mess that he has found himself in, it would now be a sensible thing for him too to apologise so that we can all collectively move on. That I think is what the people of this country want to see above all.”

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But as the Prime Minister said the nickname, his deputy – sat to his right – looked fuming.

He appeared to roll his eyes and turn to the left to offer a sideways glance to Downing Street chief of staff Steve Barclay – but Barclay kept looking forwards.

Raab then turned his head back, appearing completely done with the whole situation.

Given that Raab was placed beside Johnson, he will have known the cameras were on him. Could this be a sign that senior Tories are getting sick of Johnson’s scandals? Or did Raab just not get enough sleep last night?