I WATCHED the TV news and I think I was being encouraged to have sympathy with all the gas-guzzling vehicle drivers who now find huge increases in fuel costs.

I drive a small electric car that gives our family a range of more than 220 miles when fully charged. But even then, I can actually achieve a higher range than that – by driving quietly, gently and keeping to speed limits; keeping in mind what the optimum speed is at which air flow resistance matches the aerodynamics of the vehicle (it is still called “cruising-speed”).

Am I right to suspect that many of those who complain now about the cost of petrol and diesel may be the same folk who speed, accelerate furiously, brake heavily and show little consideration to other road users?

Perhaps they should take the lead-weights out of their footwear and start to see the 25% improvement in economy of fuel use that calmer driving can achieve.

Don’t get me started on the ensuing reduction in pollution.
Keith MacLeod
West Lothian