The National:

BORIS Johnson was showing off his geography skills while unveiling a new tube line on the London Underground on Tuesday.

The Prime Minister was in attendance for the Elizabeth line being opened by the Queen, which comes amid her Platinum Jubilee celebrations.

While stumbling through a Sky News interview, the Prime Minister said the event was a “great day for the country, a great day for London, the greatest city on Earth”.

Because, of course, what is good for the London goose is good for the UK’s gander.

The Prime Minister was then kind enough to explain how the tube works by saying that “what you’ve got now is an extraordinary east-west … FAST link that will take people from Kent to Essex … ugghh sorry from Kent and Essex right the way through to Berkshire”.

Not before taking another swipe at remote working, the Prime Minister again conflated the benefit of London with that of the rest of the UK.

He said: “I think it will be a transformative investment not just for London but the whole country …

“It will drive investment throughout the UK.”

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The Jouker can’t help but wonder how a train line from one side of London to the other is supposed to boost investment in the Highlands, the Welsh Valleys or Belfast. Unless, of course, it doesn’t and Johnson just doesn’t understand the difference between his locale and the rest of Britain.

The Prime Minister has excellent form in putting London on a pedestal above the rest of us.

One can’t help but remember when he said that “a pound spent in Croydon is far more of value to the country” than a “pound spent in Strathclyde” while he was Mayor of London.

Until we get independence, this is what we are stuck with: A Prime Minister of the United Kingdom who can’t see beyond the London ring road.