I TRIED to watch BBC Debate Night calmly but two minutes into it I failed. I will not watch it again.

The programme became the party political broadcast for Anas Sarwar and the predominantly Unionist audience responded on cue. Anas joined forces with Lord Big Tory Donor and they were aided and abetted by a pro-Union author in refusing to acknowledge the democratic principle that Scotland should have an independence referendum. The two-pro independence panelists were able to address all issues when given the chance to speak.

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However the chauvinism and agitation of the host led to impartiality going out the window. Are there any BBC presenters on the radio or TV that are impartial? I have yet to hear or see one. I would suggest that species is rarer than hen’s teeth.

We desperately need good analysis and a healthy debate. The blatant lies, the point-scoring, the useless soundbites and the incessant spin contribute nothing to our politics and stifle any meaningful debate.

Jan Ferrie