The National:

NEWS that the First Minister is due to head to America to promote Scotland’s interests in global issues has not gone down well with everyone.

It was confirmed on Monday that Nicola Sturgeon will speak at the Brookings Institution think tank and meet congressional groups during her trip, which comes after the publication of her government’s Global Affairs Framework outlining the values underpinning its international work.

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“By being open and connected, and making a positive contribution internationally, we give ourselves the greatest possible chance of building a successful country. In this way we can make a contribution to the world that is welcomed, valued and helps us all,” the First Minister said.

While many have welcomed the announcement that Sturgeon will fly to Washington DC to make a “constructive contribution to addressing global challenges such as climate change”, Scottish Tory chief whip Stephen Kerr and constitution spokesperson Donald Cameron were beside themselves.

The National:

The Tory pair fumed that the First Minister was “abandoning” local issues to visit the US. Just to remind the MSPs: Sturgeon is not a council leader. She leads the country.

We just elected councillors to represent our local interests, because it’s a bit much (and maybe not very democratic) to have one single person taking care of everything from bin collections to budgeting for the nation.

Cameron claimed that Scots “will be outraged to see the First Minister taking her eye off the ball so soon after local elections – not to mention furious at this waste of taxpayer money in the middle of a cost-of-living crisis”.

If we were a Tory MSP, we wouldn’t start throwing stones about the cost of living crisis …

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Meanwhile, Central Scotland regional MSP Kerr huffed that Sturgeon “clearly can’t be bothered to be First Minister any more”. By representing Scotland in the world, what is she then? A block of cheese?

“Leaving massive local issues under her remit behind to fly to the US to shake hands and get photos is yet more evidence she takes her role for granted, and sees devolved issues as beneath her,” he went on.

Alternatively, this tweet actually shows what Kerr thinks about Scotland and devolution. Local issues only – anything else is above your station.

You’ve been warned, Scotland! Stay in your box.

We look forward to seeing how Sturgeon strengthens Scotland’s links with the US during her trip.