SO a Tory MP watched some “adult content” on a mobile phone whilst he sat in a seat in the House of Commons, and he did so in a way as to draw the attention of female colleagues, who were greatly offended by that which they witnessed. Of course if that man had a gramme of decency he would not have done what he did. I could not care less if he watches pornography in private, but in his workplace, a very public workplace, well you have to ask yourself what kind of fool would do that? Of course if he had any decency he would have immediately resigned. You and I know that decency is not an asset easily found within the parliamentary Conservative Party.

After all, if he had a gramme (sorry an ounce) of decency, the leader of the Conservative party would have tendered his resignation many weeks ago. Or 50 of his MPs would have written letters of no confidence.

Of course if the current UK Government had any decency they would do the United Nation’s bidding and return Diego Garcia to the Maldives. However there is little likelihood of that happening.

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As the deluge of new law gushes from Westminster, much of it undermining our own parliament and going against the will of many Scottish people, we are being drowned in a flood of things which seem to me to lack decency. Selling off Channel 4 and requiring programme makers to brand British are two recent examples. It seems like another step to full control over the mass media.

The way I see this is that slowly, and bit by bit, the UK is moving further to the right of politics. That is something which I find an abomination. One would think that the left side of that equation would be working flat out to wrestle power and at least bring it back to nearer the centre of things. Sadly that weird thing “charisma” is lacking in the front row of the English and Scottish Labour parties and sadly that is the one thing that Johnson has. No not it the way of a John F Kennedy, but he has a “weird charisma” that many English voters seem sucked in by.

I hesitate to suggest that these voters are not decent people, and fortunately votes are cast anonymously, so no-one gets to know who supported the Conservatives at any given point.

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On Thursday, many of the council seats in England will be contested and although local elections, they will no doubt send a clear message as to what many ordinary folk feel about the “Dodge City of Westminster”. Will they tell Johnson that his government and party are going in the wrong direction, or will they toe the line and bolster the support for reprehensible behaviour?

If the vote comes out in favour of Johnson, what then for us in Scotland? Still shackled to the Union, and still hosting many Scots who are happy to be ruled over by an English Parliament.

I shall get about as much as I can over the next days, and I will start conversations with as many people as I can, and I will urge them to vote for Scotland and our independence. We can do little in England but we can show that Scotland rejects what is currently on offer through the Westminster system. I know these are local elections but if you really want those bins emptied, those potholes mended, and a society where people are not reliant on food banks, we have to put the power into our parliament so that we can build a better home for all Scots.

I have had the fortune to travel widely and find it so hard to reconcile that our country, for decades a huge oil producer, now a huge supplier of green energy, has such a vast number of people who struggle to pay normal everyday expenses.

This will be an election about decency. I still believe that the majority of Scots are decent folk. I hope they will cast their votes in a suitable manner.

Cher Bonfis
via email