I HAVE always thought that it was the Tories that were the real enemy within Scotland with their fervent band of anti-Scots paid by a neighbouring country to put down Scotland at every single opportunity, but now I am beginning to realise that Sarwar’s completely out of touch, dictatorial Labour Party up here are every bit as bad, if not even worse!

For years people voted for Labour in their masses up here as there was no real alternative to the monstrous reign of the likes of Thatcher, but Labour absolutely abused the Scottish people for the entire time of their supremacy in Scotland.

What chance do we really have when we have people pertaining to be Scots who are absolutely hellbent on trying to ensure Scotland never prospers, our children grow up with nuclear bombs at the bottom of their beds, our elders receive the worst pension almost anywhere in a land with the most stealth taxes on earth, and we get more foodbanks sprouting than the daffodils of spring, while we have to sit and watch our huge resources being stolen literally night and day into another country’s coffers?

If we fast forward to the here and now, we have a Labour leader here who point blank refuses to recognise the democratic wishes of the Scottish people, including a huge percentage if his own party’s fast diminishing supporters, who want a second referendum. And who has now decided that after rooting out any of his party candidates who believe in democracy, he is now trying to out-bigot the Tories with his choice of candidates.

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As anyone with a higher IQ than Douglas Ross can see the vast majority of people who vote Tory up here do not do it because they like the toxic, crooked Tories, they do it as a protest vote against all things independence, with huge swathes of it coming from sectarianism – our country’s national embarrassment.

Finally I was reading with interest this obsession that the SNP seem to have about having to go cap in hand to Westminster to ask for another vote, when it seems legally we do not need to do this at all, but this is what they deem they must do. So when whoever is in charge of the toxic Tories turns this down flat, as A)they know they will lose any second vote, and lose heavily, and B) there is still some oil to extract – then it must go to the “Supreme” Court which if anyone up here thinks will come down in our favour must be on happy pills, as turkeys do not vote for Christmas.

And with England hugely in debt due to decades of complete stupidity and gross mismanagement from their leaders, and with Scotland being hugely resource rich, it’s not even up for debate.

Scotland absolutely needs to take control of its own destiny and be quick about it or if Westminster has its way there will be nothing left of any value up here as they not only steal our huge resources 24/7, but they are also decimating our industries at an alarming rate with Brexit completely ruining tens of thousands of businesses and way more people’s lives.

I just hope the various parties and organisations start working together as unless they are asleep at the wheel, it’s exactly what the Unionists are doing constantly.

Remember there is no point trying to be polite and civil, open and honest when the people you are trying to negotiate with, will do absolutely anything to cheat

you out of what is rightfully yours, 2014 being the perfect example with a campaign of false promises, scaremongering, deceit and downright lies that was quite simply criminal and should have been declared invalid.

When is a landslide not a landslide? Scotland, May 2021.

Iain K