WHEN in session, the House of Commons produces its own weekly comedy show known as Prime Minister’s Questions. It is the epitome of humour based on illogical replies to seemingly logical questions and the hilarity is increased by the braying of overgrown, immature and ignorant schoolboys sitting behind the Conservative front bench.

Whilst most of the questions from the opposition benches are pertinent, most of the responses from the Prime Minister are laughable. It is also possible that PMQs is actually meant to be serious but, if so, why does Boris Johnson never give a serious answer to a serious question from Ian Blackford?

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Does Bojo listen to the question but not hear due to the unkempt mane covering his ears? Or hear the question but not understand properly-articulated English? Or understand English but not understand the logic of the question? Or understand the question but not think of an appropriate answer? Or think of an answer but not formulate it correctly? Whatever the case, and to join in the hilarity, perhaps all the SNP MPs should just laugh out loud and long at Bojo’s replies. After all, is that not what a clown craves?

James McDougal
Menton, France