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ISN’T it funny how the best political analysis comes from comedians while politicians fill the role of clowns?

In recent years while the UK’s main Opposition flounders around failing to take a strong line on anything, and the “top” political commentators appear to have no idea what’s really going on, comedians have certainly taken on the responsibility of saying it how it is.

Scottish comedian Frankie Boyle has definitely never shied away from taking aim at the UK Government and politics in general, with his satirical New World Order show helping us to make sense of the world for five seasons now.

On Thursday, Boyle summed up the Tory government perfectly when it emerged ministers are planning to process some asylum seekers in Rwanda.

Home Secretary Priti Patel signed a deal with the African nation on Thursday which would see those who cross the English Channel in small boats flown to Rwanda to have their claims processed.

While some members of the media fawned over the idea, Boyle was not having it. He reminded his followers that the Tories secured their 80-seat majority largely by drifting rightwards and picking up votes from former Ukippers and Brexit Party supporters.

“The reason you don’t have a significant fascist party in Britain is that those voters are very happy with the government,” he wrote.

He is absolutely spot on. It’s a great tactic for the Tories – implement policies that the hard-right want, and you don’t have to worry about your vote share being split!

Ukip and the Brexit Party didn’t flop post-2016 just because the UK voted to leave the EU. Their policies were soaked up by the governing party. And it’s something that's not discussed nearly enough.

In Scotland, Boyle is far from the only person pointing out the serious flaws in the UK Government’s Rwanda plans though.

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Refugee charities have totally condemned the proposals, while First Minister Nicola Sturgeon labelled the policy despicable.

“Add the fact that it’s being set out today to distract from #partygate and you see the utter moral bankruptcy of this Tory government laid bare. Shameful,” she went on.

Meanwhile, Scottish Health Secretary Yousaf tweeted: “UK Govt rightly provides asylum and refuge to Ukrainians fleeing war, but wants to send others seeking asylum thousands of miles away to Rwanda for ‘processing’ – and you still question whether this heartless Tory Govt is institutionally racist?”

And Ian Blackford, the SNP’s Westminster leader, described the UK Government’s plan to send asylum seekers to Rwanda as “evil”.