BORIS Johnson has failed the British public – again. His own words. The readers of The National knew this was coming. But yet again, some of us in Scotland think that it’s not a resigning offence. One lady on TV thought it was “immaterial”. To accept a Prime Minister who has no integrity or honesty and say that’s OK? What hope for Scotland?

And guess what, yet again we had Douglas Ross (the only Tory MSP available for comment) trying to deflect attention from his boss onto the situation in Ukraine. He even commented that Nicola Sturgeon had broken the ministerial code when this was not the case. All designed to deflect the spotlight away from Johnson.

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How many open goals does the SNP need? Can I plead with Ian Blackford and other cabinet members from the SNP to forget these bunglers in London and at Holyrood. We know they are not fit for office. Who cares about them and their selfish ambitions? Let’s tell everyone in Scotland how much better we can do on our own and the kind of country we can have. Give us a vision and do it soon – please!

Keith Taylor
via email