IS Anas (branch-office-poodle) Sarwar trying to outdo Tony Bliar? (No, that wasn’t a typo). He’s described by Talk TV as being one of the 11 of the sharpest and most perceptive political voices in the UK. ARE THEY HAVIN’ A LAUGH???

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If we EVER needed proof that Anas is abandoning EVERYTHING the post-World War Two Labour party stood for, then this is IT! You only have to look at the participants in Talk TV to see it’s going to make the Tories look like the Socialist Workers Party. Boycott it!! How ANYONE with even faintly left-wing views can vote Labour now baffles me.

Good timing for the upcoming local elections, Anas!

Barry Stewart

JUST more of the same from the same old suspects. Talk TV will “serve no ideology” yet barking mad hard-right nutters like Julia Hartley-Brewer are appearing. Gives Sarwar something to do at least though; not exactly that busy with his portfolio of zero responsibilities.

Euan Lindsay