THE Tory Party – lie and deny, and if all else fails lie and deny some more.

Fines issued on Tuesday for the first group of rule-breakers and no names given – every local paper gave names and circumstances of the people fined, but not the Met.

On the very day the first fines were handed out – and the first anniversary of the creation of National Covid Memorial Wall – the Tories in posh dress/suit regalia walked laughing and joking to another party bash/bribe hosted by the infamous Boris – though we don’t know who actually paid for it.

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Don’t judge someone on their words but their actions – I think we can all see the actions of Boris and he could not care less. And it would seem like the rest of the Tory party fall into the same category – food banks, soaring heating costs, increases in National Insurance and still the Tories are partying.

Winifred McCartney