THE arrogance and hypocrisy of Jacob Rees-Mogg suggesting that Scotland would be better served with a Conservative government and that, in his words, "poor people" would be better off under a Conservative government, says a lot for the "poor people" of England being better off as well under his government.

The unemployment rate for England is currently around 3.9%. However, UK job vacancies are at a high of more than 1.3 million. It would be a fair assumption that again Brexit has a lot to do with these figures, most of which relate to the service industry, NHS and fruit farming. In Scotland unemployment is 3.6%.

Jacob Rees-Mogg is responsible for Brexit opportunities. So far, there hasn’t been much sign of any successful opportunities. His hatred for Scotland, inespecial the SNP government, puts himself in denial of the business opportunities and exports that come from Scotland, and which have been doing so for many years.

WATCH: Jacob Rees-Mogg: SNP should praise 'marvellous' Tories to get our respect

But then the tax revenue we send to his Treasury is, so far as Mogg is concerned, all mixed up with that from oil, little of which he might concern himself with as much as his own vested financial interests.

I very much doubt anyone would agree with him and his sanctimonious opinion of Scotland being in any way better off under any UK Government, let alone the one Johnson has managed to turn into a worldwide laughing stock.

Mogg’s latest intervention and comment, namely: “when Mrs Sturgeon stands up and says Boris Johnson is the greatest leader this country has ever had, I will start saying nice things about the Scottish Government,” only makes the Tories look even more stupid in the eyes of the world.

Alan Magnus-Bennett

I SEE that on Tuesday at the Commons Public Affairs and Constitutional Affairs Committee, Jacob Rees-Mogg again trotted out the lie that the Scottish Government has harmed Scottish education. I expect his comment was based on a previous briefing by Ruth Davidson, who relied on the Programme for International Student Assessment (Pisa) reports to make her case. As we should all now know, Pisa data is gathered from pupils long before the statutory school leaving date and as such does not represent even output data, let alone the more important outcome data.

Recent school leavers as well as students in the upper years will struggle to identify the harm Mr Rees-Mogg speaks of and recognise his distant relationship with the truth. May I point out to Mr Rees-Mogg that these young people who he insults by his attacks on their education are the future of Scotland? They are not likely to be taken in by this or any other of his vacuous bluster. His toxic Union is in its death throes.

Ni Holmes
St Andrews

ACCORDING to Rees-Mogg, Nicola Sturgeon should say how “marvellous” the Tories are. I’d rather she told Rees-Mogg that the Tories are “miraculous”. A guid Scots word which according to the Scottish National Dictionary means “in an incapable condition”.

Bill Drew

MOLDOVA, with a population of 2.5 million, has taken in almost 400,000 Ukrainian refugees. Contrast that with the UK (population just under 70 million), which has accepted approximately ten thousand refugees from Ukraine so far. Does no senior British politician understand that these individuals are fleeing genocide? Lack of conscience for those in desperate need detracts from our own humanity.

Stephen McCarthy

The paperwork holding up Ukrainian child refugees shows exactly why Scotland needs its own powers over immigration. These children have seen enough misery without big brother England’s interference. Scotland needs to rebuild its population for the future. We are a friendly, welcoming country – something England has abandoned through Brexit.

Glen Peters

SCOTTISH Conservative chief whip Stephen Kerr has exploded another political myth. Not all Tories lie through their teeth, some can do it with no teeth at all!

Their versatility to deceive knows no bounds.

Kenneth Burnett

I CAN easily understand why the Scottish Government health department chose to reverse the colours of the Saltire they use on their health signage. If you have a blue background and you put a Scottish Saltire on it then the St Andrew’s Cross is going to look a little odd. However, photographs of our First Minister standing at a lectern in front of the ensign of the Imperial Russian Navy (Letters, Mar 23), in these times of Russian-generated strife, is not, dare I suggest, the best look for our Scottish administration!

Ned Larkin