The National:

UNIONISTS are so desperate to claim that the independence isn’t a threat that they’re now celebrating polls putting support for independence or the UK at neck-and-neck levels.

A recent Savanta ComRes study found with “don’t knows” removed, support for leaving the Union was 51% and support for independence was 49%. It marked an uptick of just one percent for the No side, and an equivalent loss for the Yes side – and was well within the margin of error.

In fact, with “don’t knows” excluded, there was no recorded uptick in support for the No side.

Analysts pointed out at the time that the poll really shows that the country is still split on the issue of the constitution, as it has been for about a year at this stage.

The National:

But the Conservatives are so keen to demonstrate how fantastic and stable the UK is (haha) that they’re now quoting this week-old poll analysis and suggesting it shows some kind of victory for the Union.

“Another poll showing shrinking support for separatism,” Mid Scotland and Fife Tory MSP Murdo Fraser declared – winning a “like” from West Aberdeenshire and Kincardine MP Andrew Bowie in the process.

The National:

If half of Scotland supporting independence is a victory for the Tories, we suggest they need a maths lesson.

What’s more, at the 2014 referendum they always tell us permanently answered the constitutional question No recorded 55% while Yes won 45%.

Compare that to these latest figures, Murdo, and tell us again that the future of the Union is bright.