WHETHER Boris Johnson survives or not is of little consequence following the arrogant remarks of Jacob Rees-Mogg, highlighting Westminster’s utter contempt for Scotland. Furthermore due to the disaster of Brexit, the mismanagement of Covid and the endless lies and corruption of Boris and his government, the break-up of the Union is now sealed.

It has indeed become an affront to democracy that the people of Scotland should believe that the British government represents them.

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Finally the outdated imperial state of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland is now dissolving. This is not because of the Scots, Welsh or Irish but purely down to the arrogance and ignorance of English nationalism that is causing the break-up of the UK and it can’t happen soon enough!

Grant Frazer

ALTHOUGH I am no supporter of Douglas Ross, I was astounded at the contempt shown by Jacob Rees-Mogg towards the Conservative leader in Scotland. It should come as no surprise that the old Etonian saw fit to treat not just Ross, but his party in Scotland and the Scottish Parliament, with unadulterated contempt.

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His comparison of Douglas Ross, a lightweight in his view, with the largely anonymous Alister Jack was nothing short of ludicrous. Maybe the MP for Moray went to the wrong school, having attended Forres Academy, whereas Jack was a pupil at the fee-paying Glenalmond College.

Ultimately, every party in Scotland should take cognisance of the way the current ruling Westminster government views Scotland and get their supporters to recognise that the “Union” is no more than a busted flush!

Andrew Gardiner

BORIS Johnson is apparently so useless that he needs to wait for the result of Sue Gray’s official investigation before he knows whether he broke the law over Downing Street parties or not. Douglas Ross, the leader of the Tories in Scotland, appears to be in no doubt and has urged Johnson to resign.

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Up pops Jacob Rees-Mogg to emphatically say on TV to Kirsty Wark that Douglas Ross is a lightweight politician. Cue Alister Jack, one of Ross’s senior colleagues, essentially to agree with Rees-Mogg. Meantime we hear nothing from David or Oliver Mundell apart from “wait for Sue Gray’s report” and “no comment”.

The Tories are in meltdown. Scotland deserves so much better than this. We get our chance to record, in a small way, our displeasure by voting in the May local council elections. I urge your readers to apply one simple rule when voting. “Voting is as easy as ABC – Anyone But Conservative”!

David Howdle
via email

THE more I hear Conservative politicians saying wait for the findings by Sue Gray into partying by Boris Johnson and others, the more I smell a rat.

In his half apology to parliament, an obdurate Johnson insisted that the party at No 10 on May 20 2020 was technically a work meeting. I suspect that Johnson is preparing the ground for wriggle-room should Sue Gray’s investigation fall short of a firm conclusion or result.

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Sue Gray is currently Second Permanent Secretary in the Cabinet Office and Boris Johnson is her boss. The question is, can she be trusted to conduct the investigation without fear or favour? It doesn’t fill me with confidence that the man who was initially given the job of conducting the investigation, Simon Case, had to step down because it emerged that he attended a party at his office. Case was Downing Street Permanent Secretary to Boris Johnson from May to September 2020 and is the current Cabinet Secretary and Head of the Home Civil Service.

Compromised by the revelation of attending a party and the fact that Boris Johnson is his boss, had Case been allowed to complete his investigation, I strongly suspect that it would have been a whitewash or at the very least inconclusive.

Sandy Gordon

WITH an air and a grin that suggests “I know something that you don’t,” Johnson seems to express an air of confidence in waiting for Sue Gray’s report. Indeed the Met are also holding their horses on investigation.

Do they all know something that we don’t about who all is aware of who attended these parties, indeed who did attend them?

Rotten to the core, anyone? Surprised, anyone? Isn’t this just the duplicitous behaviour to be expected from those elevated to position by birth rather than merit?

Tom Gray

AYE, there is nothing like some angry feedback from the usually torpid “Tory faithful” to concentrate the minds of Tory politicians. All of a sudden, Holyrood’s Tory bootlickers have discovered what most of us already knew: ie, Johnson is a serial liar and charlatan.

Ordinarily, being led by such a person would not matter a jot to the average Tory politician, but when the situation could cost them their comfy council and parliamentary seats, that is a different matter altogether; in fact a serious state of affairs indeed.

To be fair to Ross, his slippery innate cunning (come on, credit where it is due) meant that he quickly sensed the way the wind was blowing regarding Boris, and resigned from his low-ranking, message-laddie-type Cabinet job at Westminster.

This move, designed to imply he possessed some ethics, may have placated the terminally gullible in Moray, but not many more I suspect. Roll on the next instalment!

Malcolm Cordell
Broughty Ferry, Dundee