ANTI-INDEPENDENCE groups come in many guises. We know about Scotland in Union, Scotland Matters, United Against Separation, and These Islands – which Neil Oliver has teamed up with (enough said!). But I’m sure there are other clandestine groups which operate in subtle and opaque ways which we don’t know about.

Now I’m not claiming that Republic is one of these anti-independence groups, but it seems suspicious that they want to launch an anti-monarchy campaign (admittedly for the whole UK) just now as support for independence is rising (Anti-monarchy campaign to launch, Jan 11). There are many people in Scotland who want indy but also want to keep the royal family, and may be put off voting Yes if abolition of the monarchy was policy.

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I believe the SNP should state loudly and clearly that Scotland will only become a republic if people vote for one in a referendum after indy is gained. This should also be the case, by the way, regarding re-joining the EU at whatever level.

Richard Walthew